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Madison Beer addresses League of Legends rumors and hints at K/DA return

Published: 26/Sep/2020 12:13

by Daniel Cleary


Popular singer and influencer Madison Beer has responded to rumors claiming that she thought she was “too good” for League of Legends’ K/DA, and even hinted at her return to the successful pop group.

Riot Games has been known for incorporating musical acts with their League of Legends events. They have released multiple songs each year ahead of the World Championship, as seen with their latest track “Take Over.”

However, following their debut in 2018, one of the most popular groups they have put together, K/DA, has also been confirmed to return with a full album later in the year.

The pop group is based on four fan-favorite champions, Evelynn, Ahri, Kai’Sa, and Akali, with each character voiced by artists from around the world.

evelynn from K/DA
Riot Games
Madison Beer voiced Evelynn in K/DA’s hit single “POP/STARS.”

Madison Beer was one of the singers involved with the group for their debut track “POP/STARS.” But, after she was absent from their 2020 release, “THE BADDEST,” many fans were concerned that she would be leaving her role in the group, following her personal success in recent years.

The singer responded to the claims that she was ‘too good’ for League of Legends, addressing fans’ concerns during an Instagram Live on September 23.

“They said that you thought you were too good for League of Legends,” said one comment, before Madison hinted at her return to K/DA, “Well I’m contractually not allowed to talk about certain things, which is not shade, things that are coming.”

Madison Beer addresses League of Legends rumors on Instagram Live, 09/23/20 from KDA

Madison Beer ‘still working with’ Riot Games

“I just want to say that that’s not correct, I love League of Legends,” she added, putting an end to the bizarre rumors about her departure from the group.

Madison followed up, revealing that she was grateful to have played a part in K/DA. She then dropped more hints about her future plans, “I’m abundantly grateful to have ever worked with them and to be continuing to work with them, that is not a worry.”

While it is unclear if she will retain her old role as Evelynn in the group, with the K/DA album expected to release later in the year, fans won’t have to wait too much longer to find out for sure.

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The Ugly Truth: T1 Fans’ LGBT Toxicity | Richard Lewis Reacts to LS Harassment

Published: 23/Nov/2020 11:42

by Lauren Bergin


When a leaked screenshot from legendary T1 support Effort showed that Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare was going to be the next coach for T1, the West rejoiced. LS is a shining example of an analyst and generally an accomplished figure within the competitive LoL scene.
Not only this, he struck as the perfect coach for T1. As Richard Lewis states, LS moved to South Korea, speaks the language and has embraced the culture. T1 fans, however, have not embraced him.
It’s important to note that T1 fans are some of, in Lewis’ words, the “most vicious” in the esports sector, and LS has always received comments about being ‘racially inferior.’ This time though, T1 fans have taken their toxicity to new heights.
As Lewis points out, LS is an openly gay man; something that South Korea has been slow to accept. This, coupled with LS being a non-native is what Lewis considers the main reason for T1 fans’ backlash, and it’s largely been ignored. With Riot Games too afraid to challenge T1 in case Korean and Chinese sponsors drop them, this situation feeds into a larger issue. T1’s apology solidifies this, as LS is never mentioned. Instead, the apology was to the very fans causing the problem.
In Lewis’ words: “as long as the games keep on going and the money keeps on coming in, certain fanbases are always going to be allowed to get away with the worst kinds of behaviour” — a haunting conclusion to a sombre discussion.