LoL: SKT Faker destroys Sandbox Gaming with insane 1v3

Kamil Malinowski

SK Telecom T1 superstar Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok destroyed his opponent’s Sandbox Gaming in a crucial League of Legends Champions Korea match.

Faker is widely regarded as one of the greatest LoL players of all time, having played the game at the highest level since 2013 and winning multiple World Championship titles while dominating plenty of opponents

On August 23, he showed off some of his incredible skills by single-handedly taking down three Sandbox Gaming members and securing his team a crucial win in the LCK Summer Playoffs.

Riot GamesFaker has represented SK Telecom T1 since 2013.

The LCK playoffs run from August 21-31 with five teams competing for a place at the LoL World Championships. Just one series loss means elimination from the event, so having a player like Faker making amazing plays is more important than ever.

Luckily for SKT, their mid-lane superstar was on form as he pulled off an insane 1v3, swinging the game heavily in his team’s favor.

Amid a hectic Baron fight, Faker was able to teleport behind enemy lines and assault Sandbox Gaming’s AD carry, support, and Jungler with his Ekko.

A quick set of abilities, auto-attacks, and a Hextech Protobelt allowed the Korean to assassinate Draven in the blink of an eye, before masterfully zoning the remaining Morgana and Jarvan while maneuvering around with a dash. 

Riot GamesSKT were able to secure a crucial win thanks to Faker.

A follow-up Timewinder and auto-attack made short work of Sandbox’s support, while a last-second ultimate allowed Faker to recover enough health to force Jarvan to back off, and after a short chase, he was also easily taken down.

In the meantime, the rest of the SKT squad were able to clean up the remaining enemies, and went on to close out the game just a few minutes after, largely thanks to Faker’s heroics.

The series ended in a decisive 3-0 victory for SK Telecom T1, who are now set to face off against Damwon Gaming on August 25 for a chance at an LCK Summer playoffs grand-finals match with Griffin.

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