LoL legend Faker hits out at T1 DDoS attacks for ‘undermining’ competition

Jeremy Gan
T1 takes down JDG faker worlds 2023

Faker has criticized the DDoS attacks affecting T1 for ‘undermining’ the competition of League of Legends as the coaches reveal the full impact it has had on the players and organization.

Over the past year, DDoS attacks have been a constant problem for T1’s League of Legends team. As revealed by T1’s manager in April, the attacks have been happening since December 2023 and have even been affecting LCK games.

Earlier in June, T1 called out Riot Games as the team has been forced to cancel streams and change the way they practice, demanding action from the devs.  

Now in a new episode of T1’s series, “The Trophy Room”, Faker and the team coaches revealed the full extent of the DDoS attacks and its potential impact on the scene.

kkOma revealed the full extent of the attacks, saying, “During one of our scrims, our entire IP network at the T1 HQ was attacked preventing us from practicing. Each of these issues affects the players’ conditions, causing significant personal impact.”

Another T1 coach, Roach, also added that the attacks have been causing stress to the players as they keep being disconnected during games.

Faker said of the attacks, “Online streams and personal attacks still remain and it’s crucial for these concerns to be addressed.

“If left unresolved, it could gradually undermine the value of esports. While this is concerning, our focus remains on doing our best under the current circumstances.”

Back in April, Rekkles revealed just how bad the attacks had gotten, affecting not just the main T1 players but also the academy team and even their Valorant squad who was in the HQ.

As stated by T1, the attacks are so persistent that their players can’t SoloQ to keep themselves sharp causing “significant financial implications for our organization”. Riot has promised they are working on finding a solution to the attacks.

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