LoL players want Riot to tackle “state of the community” issues in Season 14

Brianna Reeves
lol community issues

For Season 14, Lol players say they’d like Riot Games to deal with toxicity by focusing on issues related to the “state of the community.”

Developer Riot Games deployed League of Legends Season 13 earlier this year, introducing updated communication tools, top lane changes, new Howling Abyss features, and more.

Season 13 hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, however. For instance, the community blasted Riot over a content drought last month. Fortunately, the recent 13.10 patch came packed with a whole host of changes but some of its content, such as the Ivern rework, was delayed to 13.11.

While the Season 14 rollout is still several months away, some users have already determined what they want to see Riot tackle next.

LoL fans hope Riot focus on community changes for Season 14

Reddit user DontFeedTheSmurf shared a lengthy post on the League of Legends subreddit that featured the following title, “Season 14 should be focused on the State of the Community.”

According to the Redditor, the core LoL experience is in a good place, thanks in no small part solid balancing and the recently released Neeko update that reinvigorated the MOBA with “fresh gameplay.”

The real problem lies with Lol’s community, the Redditor explained by calling out rampant smurfing and general player toxicity.

“I think Riot should put some real focus into solutions for this game. I don’t have the statistics, but I would bet most players who get permabanned decide to buy a new account and repeat the exact same behavior that got them banned in the first place,” the player continued.

lol community issues
Neeko in League of Legends

The Reddit comments suggest other LoL players agree that addressing community issues should take top priority heading into the next season.

“Yeeah amount of blatantly botted lvl 30-40 accounts with 80%+ win rate in high diamond/masters is actually insane,” said one user, adding that they’d like to see Riot put more resources into auto-detecting these accounts.

Another longtime fan lamented that Riot seems to “care more about their numbers than their players.”

Meanwhile, there are those who think starting over from scratch with a sequel wouldn’t be a bad idea. “At this point, I’m unironically praying for League of Legends 2 where the main focus is on rebuilding the infrastructure from the ground up.”

It appears players are fed up above all else, and can only hope Riot Games will eventually implement the necessary changes.

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