League of Legends cracks down on toxicity with new in-game report function

Tahm Kench Splash ArtRiot Games

League of Legends developer Riot Games is seemingly adding an in-game report function into the game, attempting to dissuade players from being toxic to one another.

The League of Legends community isn’t known as the friendliest of people. The MOBA seems to bring out the worst in many of its players, with derogatory terms and slurs being commonly tossed around Summoner’s Rift. The rather consistent toxicity that the community has brought to the game has made it one of the most infamous out there.

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Riot has made strides in recent years to fix the toxicity offering incentives to players to reduce toxic behavior, whilst adding harsher punishments to those who have broken the rules. Unfortunately, these measures have seemingly not been enough, as the player base continues to flame one another, intentionally feed, throw games, and more.

In Patch 13.8, Riot introduced a method of reporting via a player’s match history in an effort to mitigate toxicity once again. It now appears that the developers are taking it a step further, however, as screenshots have been found of a new in-game reporting system in the works.

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league of legends ingame report functionRiot Games
Players can report others in-game using this new function.

Riot looks to introduce new in-game report function

A player will soon be able to report someone in-game via clicking on the exclamation mark next to their name on the scoreboard if these images hold true. From there, they’ll be prompted with the same report form as the one you’d fill out in the main menus of the game.

Once a player reports another user, the reported player will then be muted for the reporter for the rest of the game.

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It’s also possible to update your report whilst in-game, allowing the user to consistently add and build evidence for their report as the match continues. Meaning that players can add additional offenses such as intentionally feeding or otherwise if they see fit.

LoL Ingame reporting update featureRiot Games
Reports can also be updated and will submit at the end of a match.

Riot has yet to announce when this new feature will be added into League of Legends officially, but with leaks slipping through the cracks, it’s safe to expect it sooner than later.

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