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LoL Patch 10.12 to feature Infernal, Cloud drake buffs, Varus nerfs, more

Published: 3/Jun/2020 2:58 Updated: 3/Jun/2020 4:48

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends Patch 10.12 is on its way, and it looks like the June 10 update is going to focus on a series of smaller balance changes, some hotfix tweaks for the new Volibear rework, and buff the Infernal and Cloud drakes on the Rift.Last week saw a major update arrive in the form of LoL Patch 10.11. This week, there will be fewer changes, though some have been on the agenda for a while, including changes for Infernal and Cloud drakes, and a Ghost buff.

Runes like Guardian, Predator, Unflinching, Taste of Blood, and Approach Velocity are also set to be tweaked slightly in the upcoming League patch too.


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Varus, Yasuo, Cassiopeia, Fiddlesticks, and Trundle will come out of the new update worse for wear as they are all handed nerfs. Volibear (hotfix), Akali, Senna, Xayah, Brand, and Viktor will be given buffs in Patch 10.12.

High Noon Irelia and Senna skins are also expected to ship this patch alongside a Hextech variant for Nocturne. Teamfight Tactics will also debut a huge mid-set update. Here’s the full breakdown of all the upcoming changes.

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Infernal, Cloud drakes headline League Patch 10.12

Two of the four Elemental Drakes players can defeat on Summoner’s Rift will be coming under the microscope in League Patch 10.12 ⁠— the undervalued Cloud dragon, and the explosive Infernal dragon.


“We’ve been slow-burning on a few light improvements to some Element Rifts,” Riot dev Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter said in a recent blog post. “After having some time to see the Elemental Rifts gameplay settle in this season, we’re very happy with all the changes. Based on that, we’re adding a few more elements to enhance their gameplay possibilities.”

The Cloud Dragon’s map effect will now give 35% out-of-combat movement speed in wind areas, and boost teams’ roaming powers. It will also cause Scryer’s Bloom plants to now appear outside base gates, and around tri-bushes.

Infernal Dragon’s influence on the map through its global Rift change will be getting a smaller tweak. Blast cones will now spawn near the Gromp camp in the jungle and at the base gates, if the randomly-rolled element is chosen.


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Riot Games
Infernal and Cloud drake Rift changes will be buffed slightly in League Patch 10.12.

Summoner spell ‘Ghost’ set to be buffed

League often has the problem where players are stuck picking the same Summoner Spells each and every match, depending on what role you play. Flash, Teleport, Smite, and Heal are the top picks, while spells like Ghost are left behind ⁠— until Patch 10.12.

The oft-forgotten spell will now grant 20-40% movement speed, but will no longer ramp-up. Takedowns will add between four and seven seconds to the spell’s duration. The spell’s cooldown has also been increased to 210, to balance the changes.

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Volibear rework hotfix

Volibear’s long-awaited champion rework finally landed on live servers in League Patch 10.11 last week. It looks like he may need a bit of help already. Yetter confirmed the bear would be getting some buffs in a hotfix.


The juggernaut’s Q movement speed will be changed from 10-30% to 15-35%. His bonus damage on E will swap from 60-180 (+7-13%) to 80-200 (11-15% of target’s max HP). Finally, he will also get a 50% damage cap increase on his E at all ranks.

Volibear is set to get a little bit more love in League of Legends Patch 10.12.
Riot Games
Volibear is set to get a little bit more love in League of Legends Patch 10.12.

All buffs & nerfs coming in League Patch 10.12

Varus is the headlining change coming in League of Legends Patch 10.12. The CC-heavy ADC pick has been running rampant in solo queue in recent weeks, and was even picked in a mirror matchup during the 2020 Mid-Season Cup finals last week.

The marksman’s AD per level will be changed from 3.11 to 3, while his Q total Attack Damage ratio will be nerfed from 1.1 (1.65 max charge) to 1 (1.5 max charge). He will be joined in the nerf pile by Yasuo, who is having his base health hit. It will drop from 523 to 490.


To compensate, however, Scruffy revealed the divisive champion would be getting a passive shield buff, 110-510 to 130-530. The Unforgiven’s Wind Wall is also on the chopping block: its cooldown at level one is now a lengthy 30 seconds.

Yasuo is one of a host of champions getting minor tweaks in League Patch 10.12.
Riot Games
Yasuo is one of a host of champions getting minor tweaks in League Patch 10.12.

League of Legends Patch 10.12 will be released Wednesday, June 10. Dexerto will have full details on the expected changes as soon as Riot reveals specific numbers on all the upcoming buffs and nerfs.

League of Legends Patch 10.12 upcoming patch notes

Champion balance changes


  • Attack damage per level 3.11 ⇒ 3
  • Q total Attack Damage ratio 1.1 (1.65 max charge) ⇒ 1 (1.5 max charge)


  • Base HP 523 ⇒ 490
  • Passive shield 110-510 ⇒ 130-530
  • W cooldown 26-18 ⇒ 30-18.


  • Health (base) 575 ⇒ 560
  • Armor (base) 20 ⇒ 18
  • Magic resist (base) 30 ⇒ 34


  • W minion damage 60% ⇒ 50%


  • W movement speed 30-50 ⇒ 20-52%


  • Q damage 25-125 (+65% total Attack Damage + 60% ability power) ⇒ 30-130 (+65% total Attack Damage + 65% ability power)


  • Soul generation on kill 2% ⇒ 8.3333%
  • Attack speed ratio 0.2 ⇒ 0.35


  • R damage 100-200 ⇒ 125-375.


  • Mana restore on blazed kill 6-18 ⇒ 10-30.


  • Q auto-attack AP ratio 55% ⇒ 60%
  • Q shield AP ratio 15% ⇒ 20% (empowered 24% ⇒ 32%)

Elemental Rift Changes

Infernal Rift

  • Destruction of walls opens new pathing, doubling down on this idea.
  • Additional Blast Cones spawn in the jungle and alcoves

Cloud Rift

  • Whirlwinds in the jungle enhance speed and rotations
  • Additional Scryers Blooms spawn in the jungle
  • Wind speed areas now have increased effect for champions out of combat

Rune changes

Approach Velocity

  • Movement speed towards Champion allies has been REMOVED.
  • New: “Gain 7.5% Movement Speed towards nearby enemy Champions that are movement impaired. This bonus is increased to 15% Movement Speed for any enemy Champion that you impair. Activation Range for CC from allies: 1000.”

Guardian (Resolve Keystone)

  • Value of shield increased to [80-200] from [70-150].


  • New! “Gain 10% Tenacity and 10% Slow Resist. These values increase by up to an additional 20% Tenacity and 20% Slow Resist based on missing health. Maximum value achieved at 30% health”
  • (Compared to previous: “After casting a Summoner Spell, gain 15% Tenacity and Slow Resistance for 10s. Additionally, gain 10% Tenacity and Slow Resistance for each Summoner Spell on cooldown.”).

Predator (Domination Keystone)

  • New! “Enchants your boots with the active effect ‘Predator’. Gain increased Movement Speed, ramping up to 45% Movement Speed over 1.5 seconds, while chasing enemy champions. After ramping up, damaging attacks or abilities to champions end this effect, dealing 30-90 (+0.2 bonus AD)(+0.1 AP) bonus adaptive damage. Cooldown: 100s-70s.”
  • (Compared to previous: “Channel for 1.5s out of combat to gain 45% movement speed for 15s. Damaging attacks or abilities end this effect, dealing 60 – 180 (+0.4 bonus AD)(+0.25 AP) bonus adaptive damage. Cooldown: 150s – 100s. Starts the game on cooldown, 50% cooldown if interrupted while channeling.”)

Summoner Spells


  • Cooldown increased to 210 from 180
  • Movement speed ramp effect now REMOVED
  • Movement speed decreased to [20 – 40% move speed, scaling according to Champion’s level] from [25 – 45% move speed, scaling according to Champion’s level]
  • New! Upon takedown, this spell now extends its duration by 4-7 seconds, scaling according to Champion’s level