League‌ ‌of‌ ‌Legends‌ ‌patch‌ ‌11.15 ‌notes‌: Akshan arrives, Viego nerfs, more

Sentinel Rengar diving into League of Legends patch 11.15 notes logo.Riot Games

League of Legends patch 11.15 notes are here with everything including Akshan’s Season 11 debut, a raft of balance changes for Sylas, Viego, and Aurelion Sol, more Sentinel of Light event skins, and plenty more.

  • Akshan arrives in newest Sentinels update
  • Riot “shaking up pro play” for LoL esports playoffs
  • Sylas, Viego, Aurelion Sol headline patch nerfs

Riot Games has two specific focuses heading into the next LoL update: a “pro-facing shakeup for playoffs” as well as “high performing solo queue champions.”

That plan has put a host of popular League champions in the spotlight for nerfs, including Season 11’s debutants Gwen and Viego. Pro play darlings Sylas and Thresh, and even ⁠— surprisingly enough ⁠— Aurelion Sol are also in Riot’s crosshairs, the latter of which earning his place off his high-elo win rates.

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New split-push item Hullbreak will also be handed buffs.

Balance changes aren’t the only thing on in the July 21 update, however. New LoL champ Akshan also swings onto the game’s massive character roster, complete with a controversial resurrection spell and a “Cyber Pop” skin.

Speaking of skins, the Ruination event rolls on: Riot is adding three more Sentinel skins, and Miss Fortune and Thresh will be getting “Ruined” cosmetics.

Here’s all the details on League of Legends patch 11.15, coming this Tuesday.

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Miss Fortune is one of the LoL champions that have fallen to Viego's Ruination.Riot Games
Miss Fortune is one of the LoL champions that have fallen to Viego’s Ruination.

What’s coming in League of Legends patch 11.15?

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, arrives

Riot Games has revealed new League of Legends champion, Akshan, and confirmed his Season 11 release date: the whip-wielding Sentinel of Light is set to make his Summoner’s Rift debut during the long-awaited “Rise of the Sentinels” story update.

Akshan is joining the League of Legends roster as the game’s 156th champion. He is expected to primarily be played in the mid lane.

Using a grappling hook and whip, Akshan aims to fight against Ruination and seeks vengeance for the death of his fallen mentor, Shadya. Equipped with her sacred weapon that saved him as a boy, Akshan is never willing to back down from a fight.

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As one of the Sentinels of Light, he wields a tremendous amount of power. Riot writes, “Akshan always seeks to do the right thing, no matter the cost.”

Akshan will be the 157th champion released in League of Legends since 2009.Riot Games
Akshan will be the 157th champion released in League of Legends since 2009.

Aurelion Sol headlines LoL patch 11.15 nerfs

Oft-forgotten dragon mage Aurelion Sol headlines the next LoL update’s nerfs.

It’s a surprising pick among the top League of Legends champions, especially considering the Season 6 character barely appears on Summoner’s Rift.

According to LoLalytics, the Star Forger has a 0.62% pick rate worldwide, making him one of the least popular champions in the game. However, as explained by developer Jeevu ‘Jag’ Sidhu in a follow-up tweet, Aurelion’s overall popularity doesn’t tell the whole story.

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“Aurelion Sol’s Elite win rate in the last 2 patches has been 57.3% and 57.4%… both have been the highest win rates of any champion in Elite MMR.”

Aurelion Sol League of LegendsRiot Games
Aurelion Sol has been one of the least-played LoL characters since his release.

Gwen cops more early-game nerfs

League’s newest champion (at least until Akshan arrives) is already getting nerfed slightly.

Gwen was actually released in a near-useless state, with her impact on Summoner’s Rift little to none. Riot handed her a Q buff in a rushed April 16 hotfix update, and boosted her base armor to keep her alive for longer.

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The changes may have been a little too much, however. Now, in LoL patch 11.15, the devs are looking to take away her laning power. Right now, her “Skip ‘n’ Slash” ability is dishing out just a bit too much damage — through her attack speed boosts, mainly — so they’re looking to bring that down to a more “balanced” level.

The Hallowed Seamstress boasts a hefty 54.1% win rate if the game goes beyond 30 minutes on the Rift.

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More Sentinels of Light skins

Riot Games are shipping seven new Ruination skins in League of Legends patch 11.15, including “Sentinel,” “Ruined,” and “Unbound” alternate cosmetics.

This update’s skin releases are all tied into LoL’s overarching Season 11 story. Viego has possessed disciples across Runeterra (the Ruined). Now the region’s defenders (Sentinels) have been tasked with stopping the League of Legends big bad. We already saw seven similar skins in last cycle’s LoL update.

Here’s the champs getting Ruination skins:

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  • Graves (Sentinel) ⁠— 1820 RP
  • Pyke (Sentinel) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Rengar (Sentinel) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Miss Fortune (Ruined) ⁠— 1350 RP
  • Thresh (Unbound) ⁠— Rewards

New champion Akshan will also be getting a “Cyber Pop” skin alongside his official LoL release. The funky neon skin will be 1350 RP from launch day.

The Rogue Sentinel is getting a neon Cyber Pop skin on release.Riot Games
The Rogue Sentinel is getting a neon Cyber Pop skin on release.

League patch 11.15 will drop on July 21, but you can read the complete patch notes below, courtesy of Riot.

League of Legends patch 11.15 notes




Q – Disintegrate

  • Damage Ratio: 80% AP ⇒ 75% AP

Aurelion Sol

Q – Starsurge

  • Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds


Base Stats

  • Armor 37 ⇒ 40

Q – Rocket Grab

  • Damage: 70/120/170/220/270 (+100% AP) ⇒ 90/140/190/240/290 (+120% AP)


Q – Piltover Peacemaker

  • Damage Ratio: 130/140/150/160/170% AD ⇒ 130/145/160/175/190% AD


E – Twin Fang

  • Base Empowered Damage: 10/30/50/70/90 ⇒ 20/40/60/80/100

Dr Mundo

  • Changes delayed.


E – Skip ‘n Slash

  • Bonus Attack Speed: 40/50/60/70/80% ⇒ 20/35/50/65/80%


W – Defiant Dance

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  • Damage Ratio: 50% AD (150% AD maximum) ⇒ 40% AD (120% AD maximum)
  • Damage Reduction: 40%-80% physical damage, 20-40% magic damage (levels 1-18) ⇒ 40%-70% physical damage, 20-35% magic damage (levels 1-18)


Base stats

  • Magic Resist: 30 ⇒ 26.


Q – Thundering Shuriken

  • Damage: 75/115/155195/235 (+75% AP) ⇒ 85/130/175/220/265 (+80% AP)


W – Indestructable

  • Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
  • Stored Post-Mitigation Damage from Damage Dealt: 35% ⇒ 45%


Base Stats

  • Health: 545 (level 1) ⇒ 570 (level 1)
  • Health Growth: 85 ⇒ 95


W – Ferromancy

  • Cooldown: 13 seconds ⇒ 11 seconds


Passive – Junkyard Titan

  • Updated Heath Decay Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Rumble’s Heat would start decaying at inconsistent times instead of the intended 4 seconds
  • New – Overheat Check: Rumble now immediately Overheats upon reaching 100 Heat, instead of having a short window where multiple spells could be cast before Overheating
  • Updated – Shot Undo Bugfix: Rumble’s Heat no longer resets to previous values when undoing shop purchases
  • Updated – Tooltip: Now correctly indicates Overheat duration of 5.25 seconds (actual Overheat duration unchanged)

E – Electro Harpoon

  • Updated – Out of Range Bugfix: Rumble no longer stops moving when targeting Electro Harpoon at extremely long distances


Q – Twin Bite

  • Cooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 seconds ⇒ 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds
  • First Hit Damage Ratio: 25% AP ⇒ 35% AP (AD ratios unchanged)
  • Second Hit Damage Ratio: 15% AP ⇒ 25% AP (AD ratios unchanged)


Q – Chain Lash

  • Detonation Damage: 60/115/170/225/280 (+80% AP) ⇒ 70/125/180/230/290 (+90% AP)

W – Kingslayer

  • Heal: 30/60/90/120/150 (+45% AP) ⇒ 25/50/75/100/125 (+40% AP)
  • Maximum Heal: 60/120/180/240/300 (+90% AP) ⇒ 50/100/150/200/250 (+80% AP)


Q – Dark Sphere

  • Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana ⇒ 40/50/60/70/80 mana


E – Flay

  • Cooldown: 11/10.5/10/9.5/9 seconds ⇒ 13/12.25/11.5/10.75/10 seconds


Q – Blade of the Ruined King

  • Base Damage: 25/40/55/70/85 ⇒ 15/30/45/60/75
  • Bonus Damage Against Monsters: 10 ⇒ 20
  • Healing from Damage Against Marked Minions: 50% ⇒ 10%


Base Stats

  • Health regen: 4 ⇒ 2.5


R – Featherstorm

  • Cooldown: 160/145/130 seconds ⇒ 140/120/100 seconds



  • Boarding Party Bonus Resistances: 20-45 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18) ⇒ 20-60 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18)
  • Boarding Party Minion Bonus Resistances: 60-135 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18) ⇒ 60-180 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance (level 9-18)

Ultimate Spellbook Updates

‘Ulternate’ Summoner Spell Pool

  • New – Malphite R: R – Unstoppable Force is now available, with 0 bonus ability haste and 80% ratios
  • Removed – Tryndamere R: R – Undying Rage is no longer available

Champion Buffs

  • Bard: +5% damage dealt, -5% damage taken

Champion Nerfs

  • Jax: +5% damage taken
  • Trundle: +5% damage taken
  • Yuumi: -5% damage dealt, -20% healing and shielding ⇒ -5% damage dealt, -25% healing and shielding

‘Ulternate’ Summoner Buffs

  • Miss Fortune R: 80% AD/AP ratios ⇒ 100% AD/AP ratios
  • Jhin R: 35 bonus ability haste ⇒ 45 bonus ability haste
  • Ezreal R: 80% AD/AP ratios ⇒ 90% AD/AP ratios
  • Lux R: 80% AD/AP ratios ⇒ 90% AD/AP ratios
  • Xerath R: 90% AD/AP ratios ⇒ 100% AD/AP ratios

‘Ulternate’ Summoner Nerfs

  • Olaf R: 10 bonus ability haste ⇒ 0 bonus ability haste

Bugfixes and More

  • Stealth champions can now get stealth Ulternate Summoners offered to them
  • Clones will now properly copy health bar icons, including the Ulternate Summoner icon. This fix applies more broadly as well (e.g. Omnistone will now properly copy its icon over).
  • First Blood gold now correctly matches the classic Summoner’s Rift value (150 gold  100 gold)
  • Dragon Soul’s revive now triggers after champion revives
  • Fixed a bug where the announcement text for stealing a Ruined Dragon was incorrect
  • Volibear will no longer sometimes spit out missiles from his Ulternate Summoner when trying to bite


  • Matchmaking for the Ultimate Spellbook queue has been reseeded! This means that your matches should now be with players of a more equal skill level. This fix happened in the middle of the last patch, but we believe it’s worth a callout here.

Summoner’s Rift Ranked Split 3 Start

  • And into the third split of Ranked we go on Sunday, August 8 at 11:59 PM local time for your region! Bop your way to the top with exclusive rewards: an Akshan summoner icon, Akshan emotes, and a Series 1 Eternals Capsule.

Clash Starts

  • Mount Targon Clash: The second weekend of the Mount Targon-themed Clash will be July 24th and 25th. Team formation for the second weekend will be open starting on July 19th.
  • Bandle City Clash: The first weekend of the Bandle City-themed Clash will be August 7th and 8th. Team formation for the first weekend will be open starting on August 2nd. The second weekend will be during patch 11.16.

Bugfixes / QoL Changes

  • Recall sound effects now play for base Nautilus, Abyssal Nautilus, Subterranean Nautilus, Subterranean Nautilus, AstronNautilus, and Worldbreaker Nautilus
  • Fixed a bug on Kayn’s E SFX where it made a popping noise when it looped
  • Kayn’s global transformation SFX will now play for both allies and enemies
  • Odyssey Kayn’s dance music is now form specific
  • Kayn’s W on hit SFX is now form-specific
  • Base Kayn’s recall SFX is now form-specific
  • Kayn’s transformation SFX is now stereo for the local player
  • Fixed a bug where Lillia’s Q – Blooming Blows movement speed did not scale off of AP from runes
  • Nocturne’s Passive – Umbra Blades’ now correctly heals for the full amount against pets
  • Illaoi’s Q – Tentacle Smash’s animation no longer locks if she inputs another command right after casting the ability
  • Shaco’s Q – Deceive‘s orange smoke VFX now correctly appears from the enemy’s point of view when cast through fog of war
  • Kled and all his skins have one of his W voice lines restored
  • Marauder Kled now correctly switches between his mounted and unmounted voice lines
  • Viego will now respond to Shadow Isles voice interactions rather than Demacian
  • Zoe’s taunt voice lines for Ezreal and Lux have been restored
  • True Damage Senna’s unique skin voice lines have been restored


Cyberpop Akshan

The Neon Rogue of Sound City has become the hero of the underground, largely due to his bravery, his wit, and his uncanny ability to sneak into highly-secure corporate buildings without being detected. Being charming as hell doesn’t hurt, either.

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Ruined Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune thought that being the Pirate Queen of Bilgewater would be enough. Even with her revenge complete, her victory total, Sarah needed more. She needed power. Viego’s arrival offered her the strength to crush anyone beneath her heel, and she took that gift willingly, altruism cast aside for a chance at complete and lasting control of her lawless pirate empire.

Sentinel Graves

Graves could give a damn about saving the world, but the Ruined King is getting in the way of his criminal undertakings, and that he cannot abide. When the Sentinels come calling, Graves reckons he can play the hero for once– long enough to make sure there’s a world left to rob, anyway.

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Sentinel Pyke

Pyke may seem an unlikely Sentinel to take up the oath, but Viego’s name is next on his list. Pacified–for now– by the influence of Nagakaboros, the real danger is that he might snap at any moment, killing allies and enemies alike.

Sentinel Rengar

What game is bigger than a King? As a hunter, Rengar could not pass up the opportunity to take on what would be his ultimate prey, and the ultimate trophy. Even with Sentinel weapons in hand, they will need the skills of a true apex predator to take Viego down.

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Unbound Thresh