New League of Legends bug allows players to gain infinite mana

lol infinite mana bugRiot Games

After Riot Games fixed one mana-related bug, LoL users found yet another glitch that allows players to gain an infinite amount of mana.

Recently, League of Legends players stumbled across a glitch that significantly reduced their max mana. The error occurred if a user decided to undo items after receiving Biscuits. Oddly enough, each undone item amounted to a loss of 80 max mana.

Suffice it to say, this issue caused quite a bit of uproar within the LoL community. Riot acted accordingly, however, recently deploying the 13.6 patch that was meant to correct the glaring mana hiccup.

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Update 13.6 solved the issue to the delight of many a fan, yet it also caused another major problem – an infinite mana exploit.

Latest LoL bug rewards players with inifnite mana

Well-known content creator Vendril discovered another “huge oopsie” on Riot Games’ part. The developer’s 13.6 patch for League of Legends fixed one mana bug by replacing it with another.

Now it seems that repeatedly undoing the Biscuit of Everlasting Will item increases a player’s max amount of mana by 40 per removed item. It’s quite the turn of events.

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Thanks to a Twitter post from Vendril, the crew at Riot Games is aware of LoL’s new infinite mana bug and working on a fix.

The League of Legends Dev Team account responded to the YouTuber’s tweet with the following message: “Well, that’s not supposed to happen… we’re currently working on a fix for this one.”

At the time of writing, it’s not clear when exactly the update in question will go live. But the studio will probably want to roll out a solution sometime soon before too many people take advantage of the exploit.

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