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League unveils massive new VFX update for Jinx and Jayce

Published: 21/Oct/2021 18:58

by Lawrence Scotti


League of Legends Champions Jinx and Jayce are getting new Arcane-themed skins, as well as a massive VFX update that makes their character models and abilities clearer and more refined.

With League’s new anime Netflix show Arcane’s release date fast approaching, Riot has updated Jinx and Jayce’s animations and visual effects. While the developer has often tweaked abilities, it appears this change is solely a visual one.

Both Jinx and Jayce have key roles in the new Netflix show, and with the spotlight directly on them, now is a great time to give the nearly decade-old characters a VFX update.


jinx rocket
Riot Games
Jinx’s famous rocket is getting a visual update.

Jinx VFX update

Jinx is getting a VFX update that improves the visual quality of her moves. As seen above, her ultimate ability ‘Super Mega Death Rocket!’ is now represented by a larger blast upon impact, as well as a bigger rocket – which should make it easier to spot.

Her Q ability, ‘Switcheroo!’, switches her auto attacks between her mini-gun and her rocket launcher. The rocket launcher auto-attacks have been changed from a smokey effect to now having more of a yellow pop to them.

Jinx’s W move, ‘Zap!’, now has more visual clarity with an indicator showing the ability’s hit-box below it.


Her E ability, ‘Flame Chompers!’, has also been updated to improve readability. They’ll now have clear blue circles below them to show where enemies can be rooted by them.

The skins for Jinx that have been significantly altered are as follows:

  • Crime City Jinx
  • Firecracker Jinx
  • Zombie Slayer Jinx

Jayce VFX update

As for Jayce, he will also receive some major visual changes.

In Mercury Cannon form, his Q ability, ‘Shock Blast’, has a larger and clearer animation, as well as a new animation for the electricity around the weapon.

His melee form, Mercury Hammer, has new effects as well. His Q ability, ‘To The Skies!’, has a bigger electric explosion when landing on its target.


Jayce’s W ability, ‘Lightning Field’, now flashes a deeper yellow color that emits a more obvious circle of energy around him.

Riot Games
Jayce is receiving a VFX update in League of Legends.

Jayce’s skins that are in for the major changes are:

  • Full Metal Jayce
  • Debonair Jayce

As for the new Arcane skins, their release date is set for November 2. Among the characters getting new skins to include Jayce, Jinx, Vi, and Caitlyn.

As for the release date of the VFX update for Jayce and Jinx, there hasn’t been an official one set yet. It’s possible it will be released with the Arcane skins, but nothing is set in stone yet.

arcane jayce
Riot Games
Jayce’s new Arcane skin in League of Legends.

Riot has been periodically providing VFX updates for its older champions, and the timing of Jinx and Jayce’s updates should tie in perfectly with Arcane’s debut on Netflix.