League players frustrated with Turret bug and plead Riot for a fix

Riot Games

An infamous League of Legends bug strikes again as people are asking Riot to fix the turrets’ target-select that can sometimes ignore opponents within its range.

Riot are constantly finding and eradicating glitches that pop up with its 150+ Champions for their MOBA. But sometimes the most annoying problems have to do with the Rift itself.

Turrets are your first and last line of defense to stave off a potential gank or retreat if you’re low on health. This is even more crucial when the other team is plotting to dive you under the turret.

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But there’s a known bug that can sometimes confuse a turret’s targeting system, which leads to funny clips of people getting bullied under their tower with no help from the game.

The latest instance came via user ‘Daki2117,’ who actually navigated a 1v2 under their top outer turret pretty well – until the game decided it was his time to die.

As the Kayn and Darius start the dive, the latter picks up turret aggro which makes them the optimal target to burst down. After killing the Darius, however, the turret can be seen targeting a nearby cannon minion, leaving Kayn with all the time to finish the dive.

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Consequently, the bug let Kayn avoid at least four turret shots which would have been enough to finish him off seeing as he was just above 50% health.

League players think that, in this case, Darius’ Hemorrhage passive was the cause. The bleed was actively damaging the Aatrox, so it’s believed the turret was still “looking” for Darius but didn’t find them and moved on to the minion.

The bug essentially ignored Kayn and denied a chance for the player to at least die with a double-kill to their name.

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This has happened before to popular League of Legends streamer Tyler1, along with many other people who said they’ve encountered it as well.

Time will tell if Riot decides to work on a fix, but League players have been aware of the glitch and asking for a patch for some time.

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