League player dies 700 times in one game to break death record

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

A new record has been set in League of Legends, although it’s not a good one. One player on EUW has died a record 700 times in a 151 minute ranked game, smashing the previous record for the most deaths in one game.

There’s dying, there’s ‘turbo inting,’ and then there’s this. While every League player has had a bad game every now and then, no one else in history has had a terrible game quite like ‘Skippy’ did during one EUW match.

According to stats site League of Graphs, the Silver ranked player has set a new record for the most deaths in one LoL game, tallying 700 in 151 minutes.

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Nunu Bot splash art for League of Legends
Riot Games
The King of Disco Nunu’s has been crowned, with one player racking up 700 deaths in one game.

While the game looks to be set up, it’s still nevertheless impressive. Averaging five deaths a minute, the king of Disco Nunus ran it down for more than two hours, feeding kills into the enemy Ahri.

They ‘optimized’ their build for maximum death efficiency, only leveling W, and building movement speed items like Boots of Mobility and Twin Shadows. However, Dead Man’s Plate might have been a good pickup if they wanted to do it even faster.

Once the 700 death mark was crested, they were dutifully rewarded with the win. After a monumental effort like that, you’d almost feel obliged to.

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League of Graphs
There’s running it down, and then there’s this.

The previous record was held by EUW player Wukony, who died 686 times in a 207 minute Janna game. Both records were set in Ranked Flex, where it would be more likely to queue into a five-stack of friends to pull it off with ease.

What makes this new record so outstanding is how fast they managed to constantly die. The Nunu and Willump died at just under five deaths a minute, which was noticeably faster than the 3.5 deaths a minute of Wukony’s effort.

The Ahri, who was fed the majority of the kills, fell just short of the kill record. That’s set at 694 by ‘d5 janna otp’ on EUW, and was set in the same game as Wukony’s excessively-huge former death record.

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Riot Games
Skippy and Wukony’s records are unlikely to be broken any time soon.

Those two records far eclipse other entries into both categories. The third-highest kills in one game is set at 322, while the third-most deaths is only at 169. It’s also 41 times more than the record set in League of Legends pro play, at 17 deaths, held by Chan ‘KoaLa’ Roong Han.

While it’s not advised that you’d try and break the record in this way ⁠— after all, it wouldn’t pass the sniff test from Riot ⁠— if you can match into a group of mates in flex queue, you might just be able to try it out for yourself.