League of Legends’ new Arena mode broken wide open as players summon 4 extra companions

Ethan Dean
Ivern League of Legends

Riot Games recently introduced a new 2v2v2v2 mode to League of Legends, though this elimination-style Arena playlist has already been broken wide open as LoL players have found an exploit to summon four additional companions.

LoL’s new Arena mode hasn’t even hit live servers yet and players are already figuring out tactics to take advantage of various mechanics. A specific combo of champions is already being touted as one of the strongest in the new mode.

Players are combining two champions with one of the mode’s new special Augments to some wild results. Ivern and Annie’s ults are key to this new strategy that drops four extra opponents on unsuspecting rivals.

A video gaining traction on r/leagueoflegends shows two summoners using the strat to blitz an enemy squad. Things start slow for the pair but ramp up when they get their hands on the Prismatic Augment called Ultimate Revolution.

The new Augment allows champions to use their ultimate skill twice in succession. This means Ivern and Annie can summon two companions each and load the field with combatants.

In the clip, Ivern gets off two ults summoning a pair of Daisys. The meat shields and resulting crowd control allow room for Annie to charge and drop in her own coupling of Tibbers’.

The surprise combo keeps their opponents locked in with Tibbers tanking and burning and the Daisys running damage all while Ivern and Annie apply crowd control.

While this combo melted through these particular opponents, it’s far from a guaranteed slaughter. Players can still make use of their own spells, items, or Augments to nullify CCs and kite individual targets to make them less of a threat.

League of Legends Arena mode
Screenshot from the new Arena mode

LoL’s Arena mode is currently available for testing in the game’s Public Beta Environment.

Player reception for the new style of play has been overwhelmingly positive as the launch date approaches. It will go live on July 20 in line with the upcoming patch 13.14.

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