League of Legends’ high-damage meta finally being addressed with durability rework

Lauren Bergin
league of legends lol hextech poppy skin

Coming into League of Legends patch 12.10, Riot are adjusting the durability of every champion in the game in order to bring about the end of the divisive high-damage meta.

No matter whether you’re a top laner or ADC, every League of Legends player has played a game where they get one shot by a high-damage champion and promptly shout abuse at their computer.

Back in December, 2021, Riot promised that changes were coming to balance out defense and offense in Season 12, and Patch 12.10 is the update that does just that.

Adjusting the durability of every champion in the game, it looks like the high-damage meta will finally be relegated to the bowels of history – yes, you can jump for joy.

league of legends lol arcane jinx skin
Having risen from the ashes as one of LoL’s highest damage champions, Jinx’s bot lane tyranny may be at an end.

League of Legends adjusts champion durability in 12.10

Players have asked and Riot have listened; all champions will be undergoing major durability adjustments in 12.10 in order to inhibit high damage characters totally obliterating squishier carry champions.

“In patch 12.10, we will be introducing some changes to increase the durability of every champion on the roster to reduce the overall amount of damage in League,” they write in their May 6 blog. “We’re looking to accomplish this by increasing the following stats:

  • Base Health
  • Health per Level
  • Armor per Level
  • Magic Resist per Level

The update will also include “some adjustments to the surrounding systems of the rift to make sure they are correctly tuned, relative to the increased durability. These include nerfs to sustain, and buffs to Baron, Turrets, and mana regeneration.”

league of legends lol ornn splash art
Tanks like Ornn won’t be getting absolutely obliterated post-12.10.

Explaining their choices further, Riot state “devs and players agree—there is currently too much damage in League.

“While tons of damage can be fun and exciting, we believe that increasing champions’ defensive stats will be beneficial for letting players showcase their skill by giving them more opportunities for counterplay and to live out their high moments… When you’re dying so fast that it’s difficult to tell what killed you, game clarity takes a hit which leads to frustrating experiences.”

Highlighting that “we want to reassure you that we aren’t trying to create a meta where there are no kills by 15 minutes into the game,” they conclude “we don’t want to move to a meta where tanks become unkillable, burst champions are rendered obsolete, or where Pro Play becomes a snoozefest, so we’ll be monitoring role and champion balance extra carefully over the next few weeks.”

How these changes will affect the meta and, in turn, the very fabric of Summoner’s Rift remain to be seen. Either way, we know that tank mains will likely be rubbing their hands together and looking to squash some assassin-shaped bugs. Better watch out, Akali!

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