League of Legends Crime City Nightmare & Debonair 2.0 skin lines coming soon

. 12 months ago
Twisted Fate Akali
Riot Games

Riot Games provided a visual teaser for two new skin lines that will be releasing soon, and included a promise for a new skin for Kayn.

Riot’s VP Jessica Nam provided one of her periodic updates for League of Legends, and this time players got a new look at the company plans for future skin releases.

In the video, Product Lead Ambrielle Army explains that stemming from a fan vote back in January, the next thematic skin line will be Crime City Nightmare.

There were a handful of screenshots teased in the video, showing off Twisted Fate and Akali as the faces of the skin line.

Akali black red
Riot Games
The new Crime City Nightmare skin line allows Akali to shroud in a black and red mist.

Crime City Nightmare looks to have a black and red color scheme, and it’ll be interesting to see what other champions will make the cut for this mysterious skin line.

More League of Legends Debonair skins

In the voting for the next thematic by fans, Debonair 2.0 lost by a hair, so Riot plans on making the skin line anyway.

They provided a teaser, which looks to have Leona and Malzahar, who recently just got a new skin in the bee-themed Beezahar.

Malzahar Leona black white
Riot Games
Malzahar is turned into a handsome prince here, dropping the typically purple cowl.

Including Malzahar into the Debonair 2.0 skin line is a drastic turn visually for the champion, turning him fully into a human with cool white hair.

Leona being included in another skin line should come as no surprise as she has been getting a ton of love this year, being included in three different skin lines including Battle Academy and Damwon 2020 World Champions.

Riot also included a nugget at the end of the video for a new Kayn skin.

Although there were no visuals teased for the character, the announcement alone should be good enough for players as the champion hasn’t had a new skin in almost three years.

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