Sneaky rages over new League of Legends item Anathema’s Chains: “F**k yourselves”

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Zach ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi, the former pro-League of Legends player turned streamer, posted a video of him struggling on League’s newest patch in part due to a new item Anathema’s Chains.

League of Legends patch 11.13 has been unfriendly to AD Carry mains, as Sneaky has recently discovered.

In a new video, the streamer for Cloud9 encounters the power of the game’s new item, Anathema’s Chains.

The item allows tanks to build up a “vendetta” against a specific target, slowly building up damage reduction against them.

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“Nice, 30% reduced damage to Nunu. Awesome. Oh, and Mordekaiser bought it. Are you kidding me? F**k yourselves.”

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For AD Carry mains like Sneaky, this means that it will be nearly impossible to kill the target that builds this item. With two enemies building the item, it renders you essentially useless against them.

Any League of Legends player knows the frustrations of having a single item reduce your champion’s ability to impact the game, and for Sneaky, patch 11.13 is the nightmare scenario.

More and more losing

The video carried on to show Sneaky losing every game throughout the day of streaming.

After multiple disbanded lobbies and 54 minutes of waiting for a game, Sneaky said, “Can’t end on a loss? Well, I think you can actually.”

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Just moments after, the lobby is disbanded, and Sneaky raged, slamming down on his desk. “F**k you!” he shouted, as he entered the next lobby.

Sneaky arms

Luckily for him, he earned a well-needed victory, just five and a half hours deep into his playing session.

Sneaky notched that first victory playing Ziggs in the bottom lane. Mages replacing the traditional AD Carry is a strategy that’s become more popular recently, as their mythic items recently received a reduced cost buff.