League of Legends commentator explains bizarre mistake made by 100 Thieves player in LCS


League of Legends commentator Aidan ‘Zirene’ Moon has explained how 100 Thieves mid-laner Choi ‘Huhi’ Jae-hyun made a critical mistake in a recent LCS match.

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During their match against Cloud9 on Sundary, January 27, Huhi – one of two new additions to the 100 Thieves starting roster for this season – made a major misplay. As a fight broke out in the top-lane, he attempted to teleport from the fountain to help his team, but instead only ended up going to his own nexus turret.

In Huhi’s absence, a play that might have been 100 Thieves’ opportunity to take a lead of their own instead ended in a two-for-one trade in favor of Cloud9, extending the lead which they then held to the end of the game for the win.

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To help spare Huhi some of the criticism that inevitably comes with such an apparent blunder, LCS commentator Zirene has come to his rescue with a video explaining exactly how such a mistake could be made.

Though on the surface it might seem a difficult mistake to make, with the nexus tower and the intended destination of the top lane being so far apart, it’s actually a much more understandable error than it might seem.

As Zirene demonstrates, the perspective at the fountain puts the mini-map in the bottom left hand corner over the nexus turret. In attempting to click on the mini-map for the teleport to the top-lane, however, the ability instead targets the turret directly underneath – even if the click is accurate on the map.

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In the event of game-changing bugs, players can pause the game and request an investigation and potentially a restart with Chronobreak, which allows the game to be rewound to a point before the error. This didn’t happen on this occasion, however, so it’s unclear if Huhi thought the mistake was his own, or whether this is one of several known issues that don’t qualify for such a remake.

After a solid debut season in 2018 and the addition of former SK Telecom AD Carry Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik, expectations for 100 Thieves are high in the Spring Split of 2019. Unfortunately, the team was unable to pick up a win in the opening week, and will be looking to get back on track in week two.

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