League fans frustrated after 10.9 nerf makes Karthus ‘impossible’ to play

Daniel Cleary
Riot Games

League of Legends players have called on Riot Games to revert the major changes to Karthus’s movement speed in the 10.9 update.

While Karthus has flown under the radar for most of Season 10, the champion has maintained an impressive win rate percentage in 2020, particularly in high-elo matches.

However, League of Legends devs felt he was too strong in the current meta and implemented movement speed nerfs for Karthus in the recent 10.9 patch, partly to reduce the speed at which he cleared jungle camps, which is now estimated to take 10 seconds longer than before.

Riot Games
Karthus’ base movement speed took a heavy hit in League of Legends.

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The latest update saw the mage’s base movement speed decrease by 10 (335>>325), and Karthus mains, both in the mid and jungle roles, felt as if the nerfs were way too strong.

Karthus was already a low mobility champ to begin with, and despite his capacity for putting out a ton of damage, many highlighted his inability to dodge skillshots from enemies as a serious problem.

“Before, it was really hard to dodge skillshots as mid lane Karthus, but this is on a next level right now,” explained u/Nitaraku, who raised discussion around the current state of The Deathsinger.

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They continued on, explaining that Karthus is “almost impossible” to play now, with less movement speed than Yuumi, a character who relies on her ability to dash from one champion to another to move around the map.

Many League of Legends fans agreed with Nitaraku’s sentiment, adding that it was the wrong way to nerf the champion and called for abilities in his kit to be targeted instead.

League of Legends fans are not happy with the latest changes to Karthus.

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An alternative suggestion to reduce Karthus’ jungle clear speed, which seemingly received a lot of support in the post, was to reduce to his the damage of his Q on monsters and to revert the movement changes.

Riot has dialed back some of their most aggressive changes to champions after community backlash in the past, as seen with Riven’s 9.19 buff, although it is unclear if they will do similar in this case.