League fan goes to extreme lengths to prove Uzi is joining EDG

Carver Fisher
EDG fan climbs tree to find Uzi

A League of Legends fan excited to see whether or not Uzi would be joining EDG following the Leave scandal went as far as climbing a tree outside of EDG’s training facility to try and find the iconic ADC player.

Esports fans tend to get passionate about their favorite players and teams, and it’s a huge part of what keeps the scene alive. Although, sometimes these fans go a bit too far in pursuit of more information about some of their favorite players.

One League of Legends fan caught wind of rumors that LPL legend Jian ‘Uzi’ Zi-Hao would be replacing Hu ‘Leave’ Hong-Chao following a scandal that has left the young ADC player’s career in question. To confirm, this fan allegedly traveled to EDG’s training facility, climbed a tree next to one of their windows, and peered into their meeting room.

Stranger still, it seems he may have spotted Uzi. While EDG has moved Kang ‘TheSnake’ Guang up from their LDL roster as a temporary sub, speculation is still running wild that Uzi is joining the team. And it’s only been fueled by him potentially being seen in their training facility thanks to a video from the tree climber.

Tree climber may have spotted Uzi at EDG’s headquarters

Uzi is one of the most recognizable players from China, and, despite having never taken a Worlds title, he’s regarded as one of the best players to touch the game.

However, he chose to step away due to issues with his personal health as well as to be present as the father of his firstborn child. He’s become a massive streamer in China and was lined up to appear at a number of events in the near future. Many or all of these could be put in jeopardy if he returns to pro play.

All that said, a fan of his that allegedly climbed a tree next to EDG’s training facility may have spotted Uzi alongside EDG’s other members.

A picture of who appeared to be Uzi was spread across Weibo, with a video finally being discovered of the alleged tree climber showing the tree that stood tall right next to a window of the facility, followed by video footage of him peering into the office.

People wondering whether or not this fan could have feasibly climbed a tree and gotten a look into one of the windows at EDG’s HQ have spotted a tree that, in many ways, matches the spot where the video was filmed.

Needless to say, there are many diehard LPL fans excited to see Uzi return to pro play. Though TheSnake getting moved up to the main roster gives reason to believe he won’t be subbing in just yet, many are hopeful that Uzi will be coming back alongside some Worlds-winning players.

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