LCK moves to pre-recorded matches for the week after DDOS attacks

Liam Ho
LCK Stage

The League of Legends Champions Korea League (LCK) has been forced to move to pre-recorded matches for the remainder of the week after a string of DDOS attacks.

After all the regions that play League of Legends, Korea is by far one of the most dominant. Consistently taking home World Championships and other titles, the region is easily looked up to all over the world.

This includes their own circuit of the LCK, which has recently been the target of several DDOS attacks. This has forced matches to be postponed and for the league in general to face several disruptions.

Now the League is taking another step to prevent further incursions from happening, by only showcasing pre-recorded matches for the remainder of the week.

LCK forced to transition to pre-recorded matches amidst DDOS attacks

The LCK announced on Twitter that the league would be turning to pre-recorded matches to reduce the effects DDOS attacks have been having.

“The LCK must unfortunately turn to pre-recorded matches for the remainder of this week in order to reduce the influence of continuous DDOS attacks. Ticket holders for 2/29, 3/1 matches will receive a full refund, and ticket sales will be suspended until further notice.”

This means all matches will be played off camera, and then broadcasted after the fact to reduce the mystify the timing in which the matches actually took place. This in theory should protect the league from DDOS attacks as they won’t have exact timings on when the matches are occurring.

“We will do our best to allow fans to return to the live audience. Further updates will be announced via the LCK’s official social media. Our sincere apologies. Thank you.”

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