Larssen says he “can’t care” about Rogue being best in LEC Summer Split

Bill Cooney
Larssen Rogue LEC Summer Split 2020 interview
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Rogue is continuing to dominate the LEC Summer 2020 Split, but their premier midlaner Emil ‘Larssen’ Larsson told Dexerto it was much too early to be getting complacent, with a ton of matches left to be played.

The esports org has gone on a tear in the last month after dropping two matches in a row to G2 and MAD Lions. Since then, they’ve breezed through the competition and have taken their place with an 8-2 record at the top of the table.

Larssen told Dexerto it was far too early to celebrate Rogue’s top spot with a lot of the split left to be played, but the midlaner also added he believes it’s possible for his team to finish things strong.

“There’s so many games left, I can’t really care about it, even though it’s nice, obviously,” Larssen said. “But I don’t put too much focus on it, I just focus on how we’re playing.”

Larssen is Rogue’s star midlaner and has more than proved his worth so far during the Summer 2020 Split.

When it comes to how Rogue will finish out the Summer Split and potentially qualify for Worlds, Larssen said the team’s biggest obstacle would be themselves.

“There’s definitely a decent chance we can end up first, I would say the biggest obstacles are ourselves,” he revealed. “We just need to not get stagnant. Tryharding, focusing on scrims and everyday practice, we can’t get complacent, right? We just need to focus on ourselves and then I think it’s pretty realistic.”

Rogue (currently at 8-2) boasts an impressive %80 win rate in the Summer Split so far, so it definitely seems like Larssen might be right about the team’s biggest obstacle being themselves.

Following their 1-0 win over Schalke 04, Rogue is currently tied with the same record as MAD Lions at the top of the table, but that could all change based on how the MAD Lions v. G2 match plays out on Saturday, July 18.