How Wunder became the quiet bedrock of G2’s LoL Super-Team

Wunder G2's Giant

G2’s current line-up is the most successful League of Legends team the west has ever produced.

In 2019, they dominated not only domestically but also took on an international level as well, smashing through both LEC Spring and Summer while also winning the Mid-Season Invitational in-between. Their golden road year, unfortunately, fell at the last hurdle with the team losing Worlds finals to FunPlus Phoenix.

While the whole team did get their plaudits, there’s no mistaking that Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther and Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković celebrated the most while the fans where quizzing which of the two was the best player in the team.

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This discussion led to the other players being somewhat overlooked. It’s a lot easier to shine when you stand on the shoulders of a giant such as G2’s top lane star Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen. His flexibility is second to none and the fact he can play almost anything gives the side a great edge in the draft, allowing them to pivot to whatever is needed.

From playing carry tops who can put their team on the back such as Akali to Support and picks never seen in the lane before like Soraka, Wunder’s innovation has been such a powerful force for G2. He was once seen as the future star of top lane in EU and he hasn’t disappointed, so here we look at how the Dane became the quiet foundation upon which a super-team has been built.

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