LEC 2022 Spring playoffs – G2 Esports sweep Rogue to complete perfect lower bracket run

Meg Kay

Six of the LEC’s best teams battled it out over three weeks for the elusive honor of representing Europe at the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. Here’s everything from the historic playoff event.

  • G2 Esports sweep Rogue in finals to lock in MSI spot.
  • G2 went 12-0 after falling into the lower bracket.
  • Caps wins seventh LEC title and MVP of LEC Finals.

The best of Europe’s best rose to the top in the LEC. Spring 2022 was an unpredictable split, with super teams falling and rookies rising in a way even the most seasoned analysts could not have predicted.

The hero story of the split was none other than EXCEL, who made their first-ever playoffs with a victory over SK Gaming on the final day of the spring split. Rogue, once again, come into the playoffs as first seed, sitting comfortably in first place with a regular-season record of 14-4.

The competition had never been closer in the LEC. But after losing their opening match of the playoffs, G2 Esports stole the show and completed one of the most historic runs to win the LEC title.

Image of G2's 2022 League of Legends roster

LEC 2022 Spring playoffs final placements

Placement Team
1 G2 Esports
2 Rogue
3 Fnatic
4 Misfits
5 Team Vitality

LEC 2022 Spring playoffs results

Here are the results from the LEC 2022 Spring playoffs. You can check out how G2 started their miracle run to become champions of Europe once again.

Round 1 — (March 25 ⁠— March 27)

Date Match PT ET BST
Friday, March 25 Rogue 3-1 Misfits 9AM 12PM 5PM
Saturday, March 26 Fnatic 3-1 G2 Esports 8AM 11AM 4PM
Sunday, March 27 EXCEL 2-3 Team Vitality 8AM 11AM 4PM

Round 2 & 3 — (April 1 ⁠— April 9)

Date Match PT ET BST
Friday, April 1 G2 Esports 3-0 Team Vitality 9AM 12PM 5PM
Sunday, April 3 Misfits 0-3 G2 Esports 8AM 11AM 4PM
Saturday, April 9 Fnatic 0-3 G2 Esports 8AM 11AM 4PM

Semifinals (April 2)

Date Match PT ET BST
Saturday, April 2 Rogue 3-2 Fnatic
8AM 11PM 4PM

Finals (April 10)

Date Match PT ET BST
Sunday, April 10 Rogue 0-3 G2 Esports 8AM 11PM 4PM

LEC 2022 Spring playoffs team rosters

All six LoL teams have now submitted their playoff lineups, with the roster lock for the Spring playoffs coming at the conclusion of the regular season.

Team Top Jungle Mid AD Carry Support
Rogue Odoamne Malrang Larssen Comp Trymbi
Fnatic Wunder Razork Humanoid Upset Hylissang
Misfits HiRit Shlatan Vetheo Neon Mersa
G2 Esports BrokenBlade Jankos caPs Flakked Targamas
EXCEL Finn Markoon Nukeduck Patrik Mikyx
Team Vitality Alphari Selfmade Perkz Carzzy Labrov