How to watch LEC Spring 2023: Results, schedule teams and stream

Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Europe’s top League of Legends competition is back as the LEC Spring Split is underway. Keep track of the schedule and the latest roster changes with our coverage hub.

The League of Legends European Championship has been revamped for the 2023 season and now has a new, three-split format, with matchdays on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. There are also two new teams for LEC fans to follow: Team Heretics, who acquired Misfits Gaming’s slot, and KOI, who merged with Rogue.

The Winter split came to an end on February 26, with G2 Esports lifting the trophy after a 3-0 victory over MAD Lions. In doing so, they also became the first team to qualify for MSI 2023, which will be held in London in May.

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Michal Konkol/Riot Games
G2 won the Winter Split in convincing fashion

The winner of LEC Spring will automatically qualify for MSI’s playoff stage (by contrast, G2’s Winter victory only earned them a Play-In berth) and for the LEC Finals in Montpellier in August.

LEC Spring 2023: Stream

LEC Spring 2023 will be streamed live on Twitch on the official LEC channel. The stream is embedded below for your convenience.

Missed the games? Catch up with the VODs on the LoL Esports channel.

LEC Spring 2023: Format and schedule

Under the LEC’s new format, the ten teams will face each other during a three-week span in a single round-robin stage. The top eight teams will advance to the next stage, a double-elimination group phase with two groups of four teams.

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The group winners and runners-up from stage 2 will then progress to the playoffs, also featuring a double-elimination bracket.

Regular Season (March 11 — March 27)

Week 2 (March 18-20)

Day Match PT ET GMT
March 18 MAD Lions 1-0 Astralis 9AM 12PM 5PM
Heretics 1-0 EXCEL 11AM 1PM 6PM
Fnatic 0-1 Team BDS 12PM 2PM 7PM
Vitality 1-0 SK 1PM 3PM 8PM
KOI 1-0 G2 2PM 4PM 9PM
March 19 Team BDS 1-0 Astralis 9AM 12PM 5PM
EXCEL 1-0 MAD Lions 10AM 1PM 6PM
Team Heretics 0-1 Fnatic 11AM 2PM 7PM
SK Gaming 0-1 KOI 12PM 3PM 8PM
G2 1-0 Vitality 1PM 4PM 9PM
March 20 EXCEL 0-1 SK 9AM 12PM 5PM
MAD Lions 0-1 Heretics 10AM 1PM 6PM
Astralis 1-0 Vitality 11AM 2PM 7PM
BDS 0-1 G2 12PM 3PM 8PM
Fnatic 1-0 KOI 1PM 4PM 9PM

Week 3 (March 25-27)

Day Match PT ET GMT
March 25 BDS vs EXCEL 9AM 12PM 5PM
SK vs Heretics 10AM 1PM 6PM
Fnatic vs Astralis 11AM 2PM 7PM
Vitality vs KOI 12PM 3PM 8PM
MAD Lions vs G2 1PM 4PM 9PM
March 26 SK vs MAD Lions 9AM 12PM 5PM
Astralis vs EXCEL 111AM 2PM 7PM
Vitality vs Heretics 12PM 3PM 8PM
Fnatic vs G2 1PM 4PM 9PM
March 27 Vitality vs BDS 9AM 12PM 5PM
Heretics vs Astralis 10AM 1PM 6PM
Fnatic vs MAD Lions 12PM 3PM 8PM
SK vs G2 1PM 4PM 9PM

Week 1 (March 11-13)

Day Match PT ET GMT
March 11 EXCEL 1-0 Fnatic 9AM 12PM 5PM
BDS 0-1 SK 10AM 1PM 6PM
MAD Lions 0-1 Vitality 11AM 2PM 7PM
Astralis 1-0 KOI 12PM 3PM 8PM
Heretics 0-1 G2 1PM 4PM 9PM
March 12 MAD Lions 0-1 BDS 8AM 11AM 4PM
EXCEL 0-1 Vitality 9AM 12PM 5PM
Fnatic 0-1 SK 10AM 1PM 6PM
G2 0-1 Astralis 11AM 2PM 7PM
Heretics 0-1 KOI 12PM 3PM 8PM
March 13 SK 1-0 Astralis 9AM 12PM 5PM
BDS 1-0 Heretics 10AM 1PM 6PM
KOI 0-1 MAD Lions 11AM 2PM 7PM
G2 1-0 EXCEL 12PM 3PM 8PM
Vitality 1-0 Fnatic 1PM 4PM 9PM

LEC Spring 2023: Regular season standings

Green = Qualified for group stage. Red = Eliminated.

Placement Team Record
1 G2 Esports 4-2
1 SK Gaming 4-2
1 Team BDS 4-2
1 Vitality 4-2
5 Astralis 3-3
5 KOI 3-3
7 EXCEL 2-4
7 Fnatic 2-4
7 MAD Lions 2-4
7 Team Heretics 2-4

LEC Spring 2023: Teams & players

Most of the teams in the LEC will field the same roster from the Winter split, but there are a few cases of teams making adjustments after a rough start to the year.

The most notable case is Fnatic, who are changing two players after failing to make it past the first stage in the Winter split. They turned to their academy for some fresh blood, promoting top laner Óscar ‘Oscarinin’ Muñoz and support Henk ‘Advienne’ Reijenga, while hiring Tomáš ‘Nightshare’ Kněžínek as their new head coach.

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Upset playing for Fnatic LoL Worlds 2021Michal Konkol for Riot Games
Upset is joining Vitality as their new bot laner

Vitality also made waves in the transfer window as they completed the signing of Fnatic’s benched AD Carry, Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp, to replace Matúš ‘Neon’ Jakubčík.

On March 8, EXCEL unveiled LIMIT as their new support, replacing Targamas. And on March 9, Astralis confirmed the signing of mid laner LIDER, who fills the slot left vacant by Dajor.

Team Top Jungle Mid Bot Support
Astralis Finn 113 LIDER Kobbe JeongHoon
EXCEL Odoamne Xerxe Vetheo Patrik LIMIT
Fnatic Oscarinin  Razork Humanoid Rekkles Advienne 
G2 Esports Broken Blade Yike caPs Hans sama Mikyx
MAD Lions Chasy Elyoya Nisqy Carzzy Hylissang
Team Heretics Evi Jankos Ruby Jackspektra Mersa
KOI Szygenda Malrang Larssen Comp Trymbi
SK Gaming Irrelevant Markoon Sertuss Exakick Doss
Team BDS Adam Sheo NUCLEARINT Crownshot Labrov
Vitality Photon Bo Perkz Upset Kaiser