Froskurinn announces esports retirement: “This industry is really messed up”

Froskurinn casting LECMichal Konkol for Riot Games

Former League of Legends caster and esports personality Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black has announced her retirement from the industry.

Froskurinn has been a part of League of Legends esports since 2014. She started as a player and quickly became a coach at the collegiate level and then the professional level with Dignitas in 2015 before becoming a commentator for the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) in China.

She went on to join the broadcast team for the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) until she departed in 2021 and joined the revival of G4. She was eventually bought out of her contract at the network a week after G4 experienced layoffs. The network eventually folded because of a lack of viewership.

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In her announcement post, Froskurinn said that she has been angry with her peers for not standing up for others in the esports industry.

“Anyway, I’m leaving the industry – found new work elsewhere. This industry is really messed up, and what happened to me, and plenty of others, wasn’t fair. And it could have been avoided if we had all stood up together. You let me down, but I get why. Cheers and good luck,” Froskurinn said.

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Froskurinn leaves esports with farewell tweet

The now-former esports personality was never shy about her opinions on sexism and overall misogyny in the gaming and esports worlds. She got herself in hot water while at G4 for calling out viewers for objectifying former hosts, and was one of the members of the LEC on-air team that called out Riot Games for inking a partnership with NEOM, a Saudi Arabian futuristic smart city.

Her comments from G4 have angered esports and gaming fans to this day as even her retirement post generated replies about her time at the network and comments making fun of her departure.

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