First ever support marksman Senna announced for League of Legends

Riot Games

A brand new hero has been revealed for the renowned League of Legends.

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Having first released in 2009, a celebratory League of Legends stream one decade later has unveiled a plethora of new content coming down the line.

Among the slew of announcements was that of a long-anticipated character finally being introduced into the worldwide gaming phenomenon.

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Throughout the 10th-anniversary celebration broadcast on October 15 that saw an abundance of major League of Legends announcements, one of the biggest reveals was that of a brand new hero entering the rift. 

The very first support marksman hero in the rich history of the MOBA , Senna will soon be introduced into the free to play title.

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Throughout the trailer, Lucian’s wife, Senna, can be seen breaking free from Thresh’s lantern, encircling the locale in smoke before seemingly taking aim at her partner.

In a classic bait and switch, it was revealed that Senna was instead forming a barrier behind Lucian in order to protect him from a Thresh attack.

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As Thresh is temporarily taken care of in the cinematic trailer, the couple embraced for the first time since Senna’s soul was captured in the lantern by the ominous champion. 

The first of her kind, Senna is set to be a brand new marksman based support hero, combining the long-ranged impact of characters such as Ashe, with supportive abilities in the same vein as characters like Pyke. 

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The wife of Lucian will first be playable on the Public Beta Environment from October 29 before transitioning to the live server on November 10.

Riot GamesThresh’s lantern was picked up and carried away right at the end of the cinematic.
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The 10th-anniversary broadcast saw the announcement of many new features and an abundance of new extraneous content in the world of League of Legends. 

From an entirely fresh mobile game to the mobile port of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Games fired on all cylinders to make the 10th anniversary truly unforgettable.