EDward Gaming reveal picks for League of Legends skins after Worlds 2021

EDward gaming celebrates after winning LoL Worlds 2021Clive Rose for Riot Games

League of Legends Worlds 2021 champions EDward Gaming (EDG) are continuing the celebrations of their triumph. However, the big question are which champions they’ll choose for their commemorative skins?

Every year, the League of Legends World Champions get immortalized on Summoner’s Rift with a set of team skins ⁠— each with their individual player flair ⁠— to commemorate lifting the Summoner’s Cup.

In 2021, that honor went to China’s EDward Gaming, who toppled defending champions DWG KIA in an intense 3-2 series to win their first Worlds title in six appearances.

With the confetti cleaned off the Iceland stage though, and the Summoner’s Cup in their hands, fans are eager to know what champions each EDG player will choose to commemorate their win.

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EDward gaming lifts Summoner's Cup after winning LoL Worlds 2021Clive Rose for Riot Games
EDward Gaming lifted their first international title since MSI 2015 after taking down DWG KIA 3-2 at Worlds 2021.

EDG Worlds skins picks revealed

The players opened up about their choices in their November 6 press conference following their victory. No one has a clear answer yet, but they’ve narrowed down the options somewhat.

  • Flandre: Graves or Jayce
  • JieJie: “A champion that represents myself”
  • Scout: “A champion I used in the finals”
  • Viper: Lucian or Aphelios
  • Meiko: Lulu, Yuumi, or Nami

For JieJie, that champion could be Jarvan IV or Xin Zhao ⁠— two picks that he dominated the LPL and the world with in Iceland.

As for Scout, he picked four champions: Ryze, LeBlanc, Twisted Fate, and Zoe; the latter key to their success in Games 4 and 5.

The skins don’t stop there, though. Fans are also calling for the team’s mascot dog, Nice, to get a ward skin ⁠— akin to then-SKT coach Kim ‘kkOma’ Jeong-gyun getting a ward skin for his third Worlds title.

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Whether Riot will immortalize the fluffy mascot of the World Champions remains to be seen, but rest assured, EDward Gaming will get their five champion skins sometime in League of Legends Season 12.