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LoL: CG Damonte calls out TSM, CLG ahead of LCS regional gauntlet

Published: 6/Sep/2019 1:07 Updated: 6/Sep/2019 2:20

by Isaac McIntyre


League of Legends star Tanner ‘Damonte’ Damonte has issued a warning to Team SoloMid and Counter Logic Gaming ahead of Clutch Gaming’s campaign to qualify for Worlds, dubbing his team “favorites” in most best of fives.

CG shocked the LCS with a 3-1 victory over North American darlings TSM, before pushing CLG to their limits in the postseason in a 3-2 loss. Their run to the semi-finals earned them enough championship points to enter the regional bracket for potential Worlds qualification.


Now star mid laner Damonte has locked his sights on defeating TSM again, and claiming revenge against CLG. He told Dignitas he felt they were better than every team they faced in the bracket, and said he’s ready to show that on the Rift this weekend.

“I would say that we were favorites in every best of five, except against CLG and even then we as a team thought we were better than them,” Damonte said.


“I think TSM is kind of similar to FlyQuest, they lost pretty early and have had a lot of time off so it’s just the same thing where they can either be much better, or they could get frustrated, and if they come back the same as before it shouldn’t be too difficult to beat them.”

Riot GamesDamonte believes Clutch can defeat TSM and CLG in the regional finals.

There were not many that expected Clutch to shine the way they did in the LCS playoffs. After finishing second last in Spring, the Dignitas-backed team improved to a .500 record and scraped into the postseason. There, they flipped their year’s script on it’s head.

While it was a shock for most NA fans, Damonte said the new coaching system changed everything for the players.


“Our new (Dignitas) coaches did an amazing job of coming into the team with only four weeks of LCS left to play and they kind of turned everything on its head,” he explained.

Riot GamesRegional finals first-seed TSM lost 3-1 to Clutch Gaming in the Summer playoffs.

“Since then, we’ve been winning a lot. Their approach to atmosphere and how they were handling the team helped take all five of us and make us click. I think everyone wants to prove (now) that we are not worse than CLG. That rematch is going to be super important.”

If the team can run the gauntlet of three best of five series, the LCS’ fifth-placed team from Summer could be headed for an international event in Europe. It would be the first time since Cloud9 qualified in 2015 that a first-round gauntlet team won all three series.


Clutch Gaming begin their run at qualification to the 2019 World Championship on Friday evening when they face FlyQuest. 

CLG and TSM have been seeded second and first respectively in the king of the kill regional gauntlet.

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TFT Patch 10.20b notes: Spirit nerf, Aphelios & Ashe nerfs, more

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:07

by Andrew Amos


Ahead of the next update, Riot have slid in a little addendum to TFT Patch 10.20 with a “b-patch” hotfix. The devs are keeping a keen eye on Spirit, Aphelios, Ashe, and more, as they look to tone down the “overperformers” urgently.

While Riot seemingly did away with the b-patches during the latter stages of Galaxies, the mid-update changes are back. In TFT Fates, Riot will be keeping more of a keen eye during the week following a major update to potentially drop even more changes.


They were happy after the set’s launch initially, but there have been a few overperformers in TFT Patch 10.20 Riot want to tone down ahead of the next update. They aren’t doing too much though, as they want the next patch to be a big one.

“[TFT Patch] 10.21 is shaping up to be a big patch, but these changes felt worth getting out a little earlier. B-Patches are limited to number changes, so bigger changes have to wait,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer explained after the October 7 update went live.


Spirit 4 nerfed, Brawler-Ashe targeted

The major changes in TFT Patch 10.20b are to Spirit, Ashe, and Aphelios. The two champions, and the trait, have been the crux of many of the meta compositions.

Looking at Spirit, Riot has decided the Patch 10.20 changes weren’t enough originally. Spirit 4 is being nerfed by another 10% bonus attack speed, dropping from 80% of the mana cost to 70%. This should hopefully bring it more in line, although without Ahri nerfs being shipped, that remains to be seen.

Brawler-Ashe has been one of the most consistent compositions of the set so far. With Ashe being able to dish out huge amounts of damage with an in-built attack speed steroid, she’s risen to be one of the best units in the set. Riot will be toning that back though, reducing her ability’s attack speed at one and two-star.

High Noon Ashe in League of Legends
Riot Games
Brawler-Ashe is getting a notable nerf if you don’t manage to find three-star Ashe.

Aphelios carry is also another popular composition. Riot has deemed his ability to generate turrets a bit too efficient though, so he’s losing some of his starting mana so he can’t automatically start firing away.

Janna and Veigar are also being targeted in TFT Patch 10.20b. Janna’s total mana is going up from 50 to 60, while Veigar is losing damage on his Dark Blossom ability at all levels.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.20b changes below.

Spirit Blossom Ahri in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Spirit is getting nerfed again, but power carry Ahri remains untouched.

TFT Patch 10.20b notes


  • Aphelios starting Mana: 120 ⇒ 90
  • Janna max Mana: 50 ⇒ 60
  • Ashe Hunter’s Focus Bonus Attack Speed: 50/75/300 ⇒ 45/65/300
  • Veigar Dark Blossom Damage: 500/650/1000 ⇒ 450/600/900


  • Spirit Attack Speed: 35/80 ⇒ 35/70