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Hilarious low-budget League of Legends champions video goes viral

Published: 5/Sep/2019 23:22 Updated: 5/Sep/2019 23:50

by Andrew Amos


A League of Legends content creator has gone viral after publishing a ridiculously funny video impersonating the game’s champions.

Recreating high quality productions on a shoe-string budget is almost impossible, but that doesn’t stop people from trying. Whether it’s through Sketch League proving that everyone can have an art major and work at Riot, or budget cosplays nailing characters down perfectly, everyone can have a bit of fun mucking around. 

YouTuber ‘JKMercury’ took it one step further, throwing together five great impersonations of some of League’s most iconic champions based off their movements, and it’s gone absolutely viral.

Riot GamesJKMercury chose to impersonate Fiddlesticks in her video.

In the video, JKMercury enlists the help of her two friends to guess what champions from League she is portraying based off her reenacting their animations. No special effects, no costumes, just how they walk and act in game.

She did impressions of Vladimir, Soraka, Vel’Koz, Fiddlesticks, and Fizz. Without props, it was quite amusing to see JKMercury try and stab FIzz’s trident into the ground or roll around as Vladimir in Sanguine Pool.

Her Vel’Koz impersonation was the best though. She got the ultimate pose bang on, while the emulation of the Void creatures slapping auto attacks was incredible. 

Both of her friends, Cory and Brenden, guessed her Fiddlesticks impression, which was pretty straight forward after she stood still like a scarecrow for a few seconds. However, they were both stumped on her Soraka impersonation, which is fair considering how simple her animations are.

Riot GamesNo one could guess JKMercury’s low budget Soraka.

JKMercury has done low budget adaptations of other popular League of Legends video, too. Her Rise music video has over a million views, as does her take on Warriors. 

While both videos have incredible animation, JKMercury always finds a way to do it with nothing more than a few sticks, some paper, and some good camera work.

Low budget videos like these shows that some people’s love for League of Legends transcends money. 

Although, it’s probably likely that all the money they set aside for the budget got put into skins before they ended up shooting.

League of Legends

Mr Beast reveals his ‘life goal’ to own a League of Legends team

Published: 28/Oct/2020 15:58

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has revealed one of his biggest goals in life, explaining that he would like to own a professional League of Legends team in the future.

Mr Beast has built a massive following of over 45 million YouTube subscribers for his entertaining challenge videos and has also been incredibly charitable, giving away thousands of dollars to fans during his vlog series.

While he is not typically associated with making gaming content, Mr Beast has recently created a YouTube gaming channel, coming out with some unique videos such as filling 100 players into a single Among Us lobby.

However, despite having achieved and experienced so much at an early age, Donaldson revealed that there was one gaming-related goal in life that he was still chasing.

mr beast standing in front of cars
Mr Beast, YouTube
Mr Beast is known for giving away incredible gifts, such as cars, to random strangers.

Mr Beast reveals plan to own League of Legends team

On October 28, the YouTube star simply claimed that Riot Games’ hit MOBA, League of Legends, was the “best game ever created.”

While he has been seen to cheer on LCS teams and G2 Esports at past events, he followed up by revealing that he would, eventually, love to have a team of his own to root for.

“One of my goals in life is to own a league team one day,” he added, sharing his plans to take on an ownership role in an esports organization.

As most of the major leagues are currently franchised, or moving or into the franchise model in the next years, it is likely that Mr Beast will have to find a team with an existing slot, depending on the level of team he would like to own.

However, Mr Beast’s post has already piqued the interest of multiple organizations in the LCS and LEC, with many of the top League personalities and owners already reaching out to the content creator.

Fnatic CEO Sam Matthews was among the first few the respond, offering MrBeast the chance to “own a piece of Fnatic” but MrBeast quickly denied, before joking that Fnatic could be a threat to his plans.

The likes of G2 Esports’ CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriquez, as well as staff from TSM, Excel, 100 Thieves, have all hinted at the possibility of working with the star, giving him plenty of choice on how he would like to fulfill his life goal.

As of now, it is unclear just how soon Mr Beast plans on investing in a League of Legends team, or which team he will opt for, but we’ll just have to wait and see what he decides.