YearIn.LoL to give League of Legends players an annual stats recap

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League of Legends players are finally able to check in on their yearly stats with the new site YearIn.LoL, created by a team of like-minded individuals passionate about delivering stats to the players.

League of Legends players can finally learn how well they did in the previous year thanks to a new website launched by a team of passionate players. The new site, aptly titled YearIn.LoL allows users to grab their statistics from the previous ranked season. Riot had made statistics like this for players beforehand but discontinued the trend recently. Fortunately, the team took it upon themselves to restore this information to the players.

YearIn.LoL tells players plenty of information about their past ranked season. This includes stats like how many games you played, as well as your win rate and how many games you surrendered. The site goes even further beyond, listing stats like time played, most played champions, most used abilities, damage, and more.

These are all neatly wrapped up for you at the end of the website, giving you a succinct player card that you can show off to your friends.

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Players can view all their statistics in a handy player card.

New LoL recap website gives players stats on their previous ranked season

On top of this, players with smurfs or several accounts can throw them together in YearIn.LoL. This combines the statistics of all accounts together allowing for a more whole picture of your year in League.

Grabbing your own statistics is super simple as well, just enter your Summoner name into the search bar and specify your server. From there, hitting the button will pull up your statistics from the 2022 ranked season.

YearInLoL website screen grab
Grabbing your recap is as simple as typing your summoner name and server.

The team at YearIn.LoL has confirmed via Reddit that they’ll be looking to continue this site for 2023 and will be looking to introduce splits starting next year to better represent Riot’s new ranked format.

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You can check out your own 2022 ranked statistics on the YearIn.LoL website here.

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