Arcane creators tease Season 2 details ahead of hyped release

jinx holding up flare in ArcaneNetflix / Riot Games

Arcane Season 2 is on its way, and the show’s creators are teasing some small details for fans ahead of its hyped release. It’s not much, but the crumbs are enough sustenance for now as the conflict in Piltover and Zaun reaches a fever pitch.

Arcane changed League of Legends, and arguably animation, forever. The hit TV show based on the popular MOBA has won countless accolades for its first season, which dove into the stories of Jinx (Powder), Vi, Caitlyn, Jayce, and countless others in Runeterra.

Riot spared no time to announce Season 2 right as the final episodes rolled out for the first run. While the show is deep in production ahead of its highly anticipated release, showrunners Christian ‘Praeco’ Linke and Alex Yee have started planting seeds of what to expect.

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If you thought the Season 1 finale was a cliffhanger, then there’s plenty more where that came from. Using two words to describe what Season 2 has in store, “war” and “rubicon” were brought up by Linke and Yee respectively.

It’s not like Jinx’s final action, played out to Sting’s What Could Have Been, didn’t live up to those phrases. However there will be another point of no return crossed, and that could mean plenty for many of the show’s beloved characters.

Other smaller details will likely play out too. Tie-ins to magic are expected ⁠— of course, the show’s name is Arcane ⁠— but some more details about Jayce’s past and how he was saved by a mysterious wizard could play out on screen. Riot has also promised a Silco-Vander-Powder flashback sequence, diving into the complicated relationship between the trio.

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And yes, after one sex scene in Season 1, there’s probably going to be more. Not that Yee or Linke outright confirmed anything, but given fans’ love of Caitlyn and Vi’s romance, there could be more kindling in that department. They did their best to keep it vague though.

“Hmm… any characters springing to mind,” Yee asked Praeco. “I don’t know Alex. Haven’t seen anything on social media that makes me believe people even thought about this.”

league of legends arcane caitlyn and viNetflix: Arcane
If you liked Caitlyn and Vi’s dynamic in Arcane Season 1, there’s more of that in Season 2.

However, rather than overarching story themes, the two co-creators dove into what they learned from making their first TV show over the first seven years, and what they’re planning on changing in Season 2 (not a lot).

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“My strategy is more to try to learn and adapt as opposed to rue the missed opportunities,” Yee explained. “Luckily, I’d say a lot of what we saw in reactions to season 1 aligned well with what we were focused on in season 2, though we did adjust emphasis here and there when we felt like fans had a strong connection with certain beats.”

Arcane Season 2 has no locked in release date yet, but anticipation is building for where the League of Legends story will go next.