AOC shows off her League of Legends skills with clutch play on Lux

Luke Edwards
AOC imposed on Lux splashart
Instagram: aoc / Riot Games

United States congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has wowed League of Legends fans after she shared a clip of an unreal Baron steal on her Instagram.

While most politicians are thought of as too old or out of touch to really “get” video games, there is one publicly elected official who’s most definitely different.

Cortez, more often referred to by her initials AOC, loves video games. Prior to the 2020 US Elections, she became an overnight Among Us Twitch success, and raised over $200k a few months later when she streamed with the likes of xQc and Hasan to raise money for underprivileged Americans.

She’s also a massive fan of League Legends and regularly plays in her downtime, and once explained how the game’s notorious presence of toxic players has helped her prepare for debates in congress.

aoc on Twitch
AOC showed off her French Bulldog, Deco on her Among Us stream.

On May 8, however, AOC reminded us of her video game prowess when she shared a video of a clutch Baron steal on Lux.

Her team had just been aced and their opponents were gunning for Baron buff to aid their chances of pushing for a win. But a delicious Final Spark from AOC stopped them in their tracks.

While losing Baron wouldn’t necessarily have cost her team the game, as the gold difference was quite even, there’s no doubt that it would have left them with a mountain to climb.

The Congresswoman was clearly buzzing to have made this play. “Boom! Baron Nashor,” she said, as the Lux ult landed the killing blow.

AOC prefers to play enchanter supports like Lux, Sona and Janna and currently sits in Silver elo, which isn’t too bad considering the sheer lack of time she has available to play the game.

This reminder of AOC’s pure enthusiasm to play LoL is likely to draw more calls for her to one day stream a game or two. There’s no doubt that she’d pull in a huge audience if she were to do so.