Prolly reveals the biggest issue for 100 Thieves in terrible 2019 LoL season

Joe O'Brien

100 Thieves League of Legends coach Neil ‘pr0lly’ Hammad gave a candid interview on the state of the team after their poor start to the LCS Summer Split.

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The organization had an impressive League of Legends debut in 2018, reaching the LCS finals in spring and securing a spot at the World Championship in their first year.

Despite making roster changes that were expected to only improve the team on paper for 2019, this year 100T have fallen off significantly, finishing last in the Spring split and kicking off Summer with four consecutive losses.

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As the team headed into the third week of the split, head coach Prolly spoke with Travis Gafford about what has been going wrong with the team, and how they’re looking to fix it.

“I think last split was more than just lack of team cohesion, and I think this split we’ve fixed almost all of the other issues, and we have not fixed the team cohesion yet.”

“It’s kind of a mix between communication and trust [issues]. It leads to a lot of these times where you’re seeing something not happening, because usually for the game to progress it’s not one guy doing it, it’s usually like all four pieces have to move in synchronicity.”

Riot Games100 Thieves have had a difficult 2019 season so far.
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Prolly revealed that rather than taking a real break in the off-season after Spring, he focused on learning to improve himself as a coach, while they evaluated which areas of the team needed to change.

Mid-laner Max ‘Soligo’ Soong and Support Zaqueri ‘aphromoo’ Black apparently spent the off-season boot-camping in South Korea, during which they hit the necessary targets to remain on the starting roster for Summer. For week three, however, Soligo was replaced with Academy mid Ryu ‘Ryu’ Sang-wook, who was previously the LCS starter for 2018.

100 Thieves did finally pick up their first win in week three of the LCS Summer Split, defeating Echo Fox. As a result, they no longer sit in dead last, but are instead tied with both Echo Fox and FlyQuest at a 1-5 record.

Whether the result can mark the beginning of a turn-around for 100 Thieves remains to be seen, but with six teams currently tied for first at a 4-2 record, it’s already looking like 100T would have to pull off something spectacular if they hope to reach the Summer playoffs.

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