100 Thieves launch 2024 esports jersey with Adidas Originals

Jacob Hale
100 Thieves wearing 2024 esports jerseys

100 Thieves has revealed its official 2024 jersey, a collaboration with Adidas Originals, as the organization gets ready for their League of Legends and Valorant seasons to start up.

100 Thieves has become renowned in the esports world for not only fielding championship-calibre rosters, but decking them out in the apparel lines that they pride themselves on.

In the past, 100T has even been dubbed a “hoodie org” — much to the chagrin of its owners, including Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, who called people that claim they don’t care about winning “idiots.”

Their apparel drops sell out instantly and is a core focus of the business, and as such they’ve worked with multiple big names in the past, including luxury fashion brand Gucci.

100 Thieves 2024 jerseys

Now, the 100 Thieves players are going to be kitted out in Adidas jerseys, too.

The design foregoes 100 Thieves’ classic red colourways to go with a more sombre washed, muted black and grey, with the Adidas Originals logo emblazoned proudly on the chest above their main sponsor, Lexus.

When Dexerto reached out for comment, COO John Robinson said: “100 Thieves is happy to join the Adidas family. We’re excited to share more of what’s to come later in the year.”

100 Thieves League of Legends begin their LCS 2024 season against Team Liquid on January 20, while the Valorant team get their VCT journey going starting in February.