Star Wars crossover spotted in Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer: What does it mean?

An image of Kingdom Hearts 4 and a At-St from star warsSquare Enix, EA DICE

Kingdom Hearts 4 has finally been announced and players are hyped as an incredible Star Wars crossover could be on the cards for the next installment. 

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has been going strong since 2001, and players have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of a fourth game. Now, to celebrate the franchise’s 20th-anniversary in style, Square Enix has revealed Kingdom Hearts 4 is officially in the works.

However, it isn’t just the return of fan-favorite characters that is causing players to be excited, as some eagle-eyed Star Wars fans have spotted the presence of a familiar foe.

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an image of kingdom hearts 4Square Enix, Disney
Kingdom Hearts 4 is set to be one of the franchises’ biggest installments yet.

Kingdom Hearts 4 fans spot thrilling Star Wars connection

The 20th-anniversary announcement trailer went live on April 10, with plenty of footage to examine, but the potential inclusion of Star Wars planet Endor and an AT-ST have players going wild for more footage.

Twitter user @Tablelastname was one of many captivated players to make the connection, saying “forgive my brainrot but is… is that Endor? in MY KH4??”

“Is that an AT-ST in Kingdom Hearts?” they added.

With Disney acquiring all things from Star Wars for a $10 billion deal with George Lucas in 2012, Kingdom Hearts players have been eager to see whether the franchise would incorporate characters from a galaxy, far, far away.

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Endor was first featured in the 1983 classic Return of The Jedi, which also featured the debut appearance of the divisive yet adorable Ewoks. The AT-ST (aka All Terrain Scout Transport) is a ground force vehicle used by the Galactic Empire to battle the Rebel alliance.

It’ll be quite some time before these fan theories are confirmed, but we’re already gripped by what Kingdom Hearts 4 has in store.

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