Parasyte: The Grey ending explained: What happened to Su-in?

Gabriela Silva
Parasyte: The Grey Jeon So-nee as Jeong Su-in

Su-in’s life changes when thrust into the chaos of extraterrestrial parasites taking over humans, but by the ending of Parasyte: The Grey is she able to live a normal life?

The Netflix K-drama is a first when it comes to the original manga created by Hitoshi Iwaaki. Jeogn Su-in is a regular grocery store worker faced with a new reality. Parasites have landed on Earth ravaging to take over humans and kill. Su-in is special as her parasite, Heidi, is unable to take over her brain.

The two form a coexisting alliance that leads them down the path of danger and turmoil. Team leader Choi Jun-kyung hunts down the parasites and Su-in to try and protect humanity. But along the way, Su-in, Jun-kyung, and Kang-woo are faced with a bigger threat as the parasites are joining forces.

By the finale of Parasyte: The Grey, the main characters are in for a fight against parasites with Su-in at the center. The question is, what happens to Su-in and Heidi by the end? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Su-jin and Heidi thwart the parasites’ plans

Parasyte: The Grey ending is a happy one as Su-in and Heidi manage to stop Saejin Church and their plan to take over a politician. Heidi gives Su-in control to allow her to live a normal and fruitful life, while the Grey Team is back patrolling parasites.

In Episode 6, the parasites’ plans have evolved. The parasite that infected Pastor Kwon is also infecting Kim Chul-min. Its new goal is to take over the human race but on a grander scale to manipulate it in its favor. Su-in and Heidi are informed that Kang-woo’s sister (parasite) wants to meet. With Kang-woo as backup, she informs Su-in they must work together.

The parasite leader has betrayed their kind by leading the Grey Team to their hideout to be slaughtered. Now working together, they must thwart his plan of taking over the mayor at a music festival. Meanwhile, Jun-kyung is on her way to Gangwon-do under orders from her superior. He was informed of possible parasite sightings there.

But Heidi calls Jun-kyung to inform her of a new development. Won-seok isn’t a parasite but has joined forces with the pastor. They plan to take over the mayor’s body and are on their way to stop them. Jun-kyung forgoes her mission and redirects to the festival.

Everything is proven correct when Won-seok and Chul-min try to attack the mayor. But Kang-woo’s sister intervenes to try and attack the parasite as it’s not attached to a body. Sadly, the parasite manages to kill her as Kang-woo gets the mayor to safety. The parasite then attaches to Won-seok.

Su-in and Heidi arrive to fight him off as the mayor is put in a car to escape. Won-seok and Heidi have a face-off as Jun-kyung arrives and points her gun at Heidi. At the same time, Won-seok’s parasite is ready to attack Jun-kyung from behind.

Heidi unleashes her weapon and kills the parasite as Jun-kyung fires at Won-seok. She had realized in a reflection behind him that he was a parasite. Won-seok is dead and so is the parasite. Heidi tells Jun-kyung Su-in is a strange creature who has been alienated by her own kin. All she has ever wanted is to be among them and cared for.

In the epilogue, Su-in is back to normal and working at a convenience store. Kang-woo comes to see her and reveals he now works for the Grey Team. He also reads her a letter from Heidi explaining it was fate that Su-in was the one she infected. But the last line of the letter is unknown as Su-in read it herself.

Parasyte: The Grey ending has a small cliffhanger as it switches to the Grey Team headquarters. Jun-kyung is told a journalist is waiting for her who has information. He claims to be knowledgeable about parasites. The man turns and speaks Japanese to introduce himself as Shinichi.

Parasyte: The Grey is available to stream on Netflix and is one of the many K-dramas being released in 2024.

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