The best PC settings for Honkai Star Rail

Wondering what the best PC settings for Honkai Star Rail are? We’ve got you covered with a range of options, no matter your hardware.

The PC requirements for Honkai Star Rail are an unsurprisingly low barrier to entry. With this in mind, it’ll pretty much run on nearly anything from the last five to six years at full whack while at 1080p. Going higher than that resolution could see you begin to run into frame drops, unless of course, you’re on a piece of hardware that’s a little newer.

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In fact, this game will actually run on a GTX 650, which launched in 2012. While today this might net you a playable game, you’re going to find yourself turning down all the settings to get any halfway decent time with it.

Best settings for minimum hardware on Honkai Star Rail

If you’re on the minimum or equivalent hardware, we’d probably recommend turning everything down to “low” depending on the resolution you intend to game at. For this, we’d probably say to run at 720p, just to give yourself enough overhead.

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Looking for the best GPU to get your journey in Honkai Star Rail started? We’ve got you.

Outside of this, and if you’re on the GTX 1060 or above, you’re actually going to find that 1080p isn’t too hard to max out. The game is designed with mobiles in mind, and while textures and the game overall are higher fidelity on PC, Honkai Star Rail is a free-to-play game. The aim of that market is to bring in as many people as possible, hence the lack of requirements for top-end hardware.

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Those on an Nvidia GTX 1060, or within that hardware bracket, will find that the game runs incredibly smooth at 1080p, with 1440p potentially being possible. Here, we’d probably say to leave the Rendering Quality alone and set everything to High, or Very High. Your hardware should, and will take it. This also applies to GPUs like the RTX 20 series.

If you’re on the latest hardware, or near enough for Honkai Star Rail, there’s no way but up. The desktop 40-series can easily manage the game, while the 30-series is very much in the same boat.

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Best laptop settings for Honkai Star Rail

Two alienware laptops due to come out in 2023Alienware

In our testing of laptop GPUs, Honkai Star Rail ran flawlessly at 60FPS, with every setting on High. The 4060 laptop GPU we tested didn’t even falter when pushing things up a little further, but simply due to battery concerns, we tuned it down to High.

We’d probably recommend a newer laptop from within the last few years, rather than the $399 fodder found in a Walmart. It could potentially handle the game, but we haven’t got one on hand to test. If this is you, we’d probably suggest just playing on your phone.

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Even our Framework laptop, which only has an i7-12700H inside it, managed High at 60FPS, with some minor dips during intense battles – however, we’re chalking that up to an outdated driver.

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