Hogwarts Legacy players discover Hagrid memorial for late Robbie Coltrane

hagrid or robbie coltrane memorial gravestone in Hogwarts LegacyPortkey Games

Hogwarts Legacy players believe they have found a memorial to the late Robbie Coltrane in the game, with Harry Potter fans delighted to see Hagrid, one of the most beloved characters in the books, get a small nod.

Harry Potter fans were first introduced to Hagrid all the way back in 1997 as a character in the Sorcerer’s Stone book, before Robbie Coltrane brought the beloved half-giant to life on the big screen in the film adaptation in 2001.

Hagrid wore many caps throughout the series as both a groundskeeper and a teacher at Hogwarts, as well as a father figure and close friend to the story’s main characters.

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As such, he became an important figure to fans too, so much so that when Robbie Coltrane passed away in October 2022, fans of the series celebrated his life en masse for his brilliant portrayal of Hagrid.

Hagrid memorial in Hogwarts Legacy?

Just several months after Coltrane passed, Hogwarts Legacy came along to much fanfare, and now players have discovered what they believe to be a memorial to the late actor for his work.

As shown in the below TikTok video, it’s pretty easy to reach the memorial, simply by flying south of Hogwarts until you see Hagrid’s Hut, standing outside by the lake. Outside of the hut sits a small gravestone, standing by itself, with a hippogriff on the front of it, which many have taken to be a call to Hagrid and his beloved Buckbeak.

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Fans of the series are obviously delighted by the heartwarming gesture, with some even saying that it “absolutely broke their heart.”

Others called back to Coltrane’s appearance in the Harry Potter reunion show that aired in 2022, in which he said of the future of the series that “I won’t be here, but Hagrid will.”

Some players have suggested that this may point to easter eggs for other late actors who brought the series to life on the silver screen, particularly the likes of Alan Rickman, though whether developers Portkey Games spread these kinds of easter eggs across the entire game remains unclear.

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