Helldivers 2 players restore Steam rating within 24 hours of PSN backflip

Ethan Dean
Helldivers 2 Mostly Positive Steam Reviews

Helldivers 2 players have collectively rallied to return the game’s ‘Mostly Positive’ Steam rating within 24 hours of the recent PSN drama’s conclusion.

Helldivers 2 players, devs, and publishers spent the last few days embroiled in a massive controversy following PlayStation’s decision to mandate PSN account linking for Steam users. Insensed players took part in a record-breaking review bomb in protest of the move.

PlayStation heard the discontent and reversed the decision by canceling the launch of the update that would have made the change final. In the aftermath, Helldivers 2 was still sitting in the ‘Mostly Negative’ category on Steam.

Players have been petitioning one another to either change their negative reviews or create positive ones to reverse the impact. Much like many Major Orders in Helldivers 2, the community was able to achieve that mission in a staggeringly short timeframe.

helldivers 2 reviews
Over 60,000 positive reviews on May 6 sparked the turnaround.

In just under 24 hours after PlayStation announced its backflip on the PSN requirement, Helldivers 2 fans have collectively restored the game’s ‘Mostly Positive’ designation. This comes after a push from many in the game’s community to show PlayStation and Arrowhead that they appreciate being heard.

The massive turnaround for the game’s reviews has sparked numerous reactions from community figures like the Act Man. After seeing how quickly Helldivers were able to change the rating to ‘Mixed’ he called the fanbase “a force of nature”.

At the time of writing, Helldivers 2 currently has a total of 603,289 Steam reviews. Despite being flooded with negative reviews during the PSN controversy, players have managed to restore 70% of the total reviews to positive ones by either changing their negative reviews or writing new ones.

A large part of this effort seems to be in order to make things up to developer Arrowhead Games Studios who reportedly fought internally for the wishes of players. Sentiment towards PlayStation is still a little mixed.

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