Helldivers 2 devs have players completely split after Sony delisting fiasco

Jessica Filby
an image of some characters from Helldivers 2

Some Helldivers 2 fans are now crowning Arrowhead Studios the “developer of the decade” after their support and dedication, along with fan outcry, led to the overturning of Sony’s PSN account requirement – but not all fans agree.

The Sony / Helldivers 2 drama has been fresh in the minds of players after it was revealed that PC players would need to create a PSN account to continue enjoying Helldivers 2. While some were okay with the idea, many were quick to point out that it would mean over 170 different countries would be unable to play, as PSN isn’t available in many regions.

After a considerable amount of backlash and plenty of negative reviews, Sony eventually overturned the proposal, citing the Helldivers fans as a key reason for their change.

However, this was made easier thanks to the aid of Arrowhead Studios, after the studios’ Director and Community Manager began calling for change and vouching for the community. In fact, the devs even hinted at a specialized cape representing the way the community rallied to keep playing Helldivers 2.

As such, plenty of fans have been showing their support for the developers, with many now crowning them “developer of the decade” on the Helldivers 2 Reddit.

“These people are the embodiment of developers that put their players and their game first NO MATTER WHAT! I applaud you” shared one user, revealing that they want Arrowhead to begin winning awards for their service to both the game and the community.

While many agreed, a few comments were still slamming the developers, with some commenting that Larian should be taking that mantle. Others shared their frustrations regarding the Sony issues, clearly highlighting that a lot of the community hasn’t forgotten about the lack of communication.

“Major bugs exist for 2 months, meanwhile developers win ‘dev of the decade’ reward because the community won a fight against Sony” commented one user, while another asked, “Why though? They didn’t even do anything; they goofed the announcement.”

While it’s clear Arrowhead and Hellidvers 2 are still popular, they may need to up their game if they want to bring back some more members of the community.