Helldivers 2’s new evacuation type is exactly what players want from defense missions

Brianna Reeves
helldivers 2 defense mission

Helldivers 2’s new defense mission, “Evacuate High-Value Assets,” has received high praise from players who love the new Automaton campaign type.

The Automaton threat halted for a short time, leaving Helldivers 2 players to continue battling Terminids. An April 9 update brought the bots back in full force, however, and with them came a new mission type.

“Evacuate High-Value Assets” marks the newest addition, tasking Divers with defending a pair of generators from waves of increasingly difficult Automaton forces. The mission boasts tower defense qualities, too, allowing players to open and close gates to better control the incoming waves.

And by all accounts, defending and evacuating the assets is the furthest thing from a walk in the park. Yet, players don’t seem to mind, given the largely positive online response.

Reddit user, KrilitzK, sang the Helldivers 2 developers praises for introducing fresh content that represents “exactly what a defense mission should be.”

The Redditor especially gave Arrowhead props for listening to player feedback. “Actual props to the devs because that kind of mission with layered defenses is something that I have seen many many people suggest in all sorts of places, and it looks like the devs listened.”

KrilitzK went on to note that even difficulty level 9‘s usual frustrations were “wiped away and overshadowed” by the incredibly fun gameplay.

Now, players hope the bug campaign also receives Helldivers 2’s new and improved defense mission type. For example, one person responding to the post said, “I really hope they use this on bug maps as well. We can finally re-enact that one scene from Starship Troopers.”

Some think “Evacuate High-Value Assets” should replace the contentious evacuation civilian missions. Reads one such comment, “They should just replace the heavily imbalanced evacuation mission with this, or adjust that mission to a format that might be closer to this mission.” 

Arrowhead has yet to comment on how else it may expand upon the new campaign type. But, for now, Helldivers 2 players seem content with diving deeper into the latest Automaton assault.

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