Helldivers 2 CEO is still fighting PlayStation to get game fully re-listed on Steam

Shane Black
Helldivers 2 Democratic Detonation booster

The CEO of Helldivers 2 has spoken out about the countries that still have the game delisted, offering insight into when people can expect to see a change.

Despite the decision to require all accounts to be linked to a PSN account being reversed, there are still many areas in the world who don’t have access to the game on Steam due to the original announcement.

This has rendered a game that people had bought unplayable in 177 countries and inaccessible for anyone looking to purchase it for the first time.

Helldivers 2 fans have anxiously been waiting for an update on this for awhile, and they finally got it when the CEO and game director commented on the situation on the official Discord. Unfortunately, the comment shows that there isn’t much of an update to give.

The CEO, who goes by his last name of Pilestadt, says: “I’m speaking to our partners at PlayStation and Valve, and pushing for it to be undone.”

He goes on to say that getting the original decision reversed took a “Herculean” effort, but he is committed to making sure that the game will be available again in those regions.

It’s been a rough ride for Helldivers 2 as the controversy around account linking brought a campaign of review bombing to the community. Even after the dust settled on that front, there is now an ongoing discussion about the weapons balancing needing attention.

Fortunately, Pilestadt’s communication with players has been a bright spot for many people to offer confidence that these issues will be resolved.

As one user on X says: “This is reassuring to see that he is actively pushing to make it unrestricted once more.”

While this update wasn’t what the Helldivers 2 playerbase wanted, it seems there is belief that Pilestadt and the team at Arrowhead are working hard to do right by their fans.