How to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Blizzard’s auto chess game

Kamil Malinowski

The Early Access version of Hearthstone Battlegrounds is coming on November 5, and here’s how you can play.

Blizzard shocked fans around the world at Blizzcon 2019 with the announcement of Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the companies take on the popular Auto-Battler genre.

The all-new game mode is set to go into open beta on November 12, but here’s how you can try it out before then.

BlizzardHearthstone Battlegrounds is Blizzard’s take on the Auto-Battler genre.

What is Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is Blizzard’s version of the Auto-Battler genera, which began with the ever-popular Dota Autochess. The game has a few unique Hearthstone twists, including Hero Powers, a variety of Heroes, and more.

So far 24 different Heroes have been announced, all of which can influence the game in a different way, giving players an incredible amount of tactical possibilities.

BlizzardHearthstone Battlegrounds features many new heroes.

How to play Hearthstone Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is set to enter early access on November 5, giving fans a chance to play the game ahead of the open beta if they have purchased the newest expansion bundle, Descent of the Dragons, attended Blizzcon or purchased the Blizzcon Virtual ticket.

An update is expected to hit the servers at 01:00 PM ET (06:00 PM GMT), it will enable access to Hearthstone Battlegrounds through the main menu, where you will simply have to click on it and press play.

For players that haven’t done any of the above, an open beta will launch on November 12.

This all-new game mode was announced alongside the new expansion, Descent of the Dragons, which finally adds more dragons to Hearthstone’s year of the dragon.

The expansion will launch on December 10, and it is likely to bring something new to Battlegrounds, as well as the base game.

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