Hearthstone confirms Whizbang’s Workshop expansion release date with customizable card

James Lynch
Whizbang's Workshop Confirmation art featuring the character and a bright colorful background filled with his creations

The developers behind Hearthstone have announced the latest expansion for the game, Whizbang’s Workshop, is on the way with a worldwide release date of March 19.

Hearthstone’s Whizbang’s Workshop will be the game’s first expansion since TITANS. That came with two new keywords for players to contend with and 145 new cards. The theme was also a solid choice, drawing in some of the most iconic creatures from Warcraft lore.

Now, Whizbang’s Workshop seeks to pick up where TITANS left off. The premise is relatively simple, with the titular Whizbang bringing his magical creations to the game. This includes an additional145 cards and a brand-new card type that could revolutionize the game for years to come.

Here’s everything we know about Whizbang’s Workshop so far.

Whizbang’s Workshop could be Hearthstone’s most important expansion in years

The biggest headline from the upcoming expansion is the Zilliax Deluxe 3000. This is a customizable card that could revolutionize the way the game is played. Duelists can pick two out of eight possible modules, which augment the cards with new powers and better stats.

If this format is followed in the future and Blizzard introduces more modular cards, it could quite literally be a game-changer. That said, Senior Game Designer for Hearthstone, Cora Georgiou, confirmed how difficult it was to make the concept a reality in a lengthy Twitter/X thread.

Beyond that, the expansion also introduces a new keyword in Miniaturize. This new mechanic will add a 1-mana 1/1 copy of any card you play that has the Miniaturize effect. The potential for this is immediately obvious, and it could become a staple when it arrives in March.

With more details expected to be announced between now and the expansion’s release, there could be more surprises in Whizbang’s Workshop yet.

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