Hearthstone players worried Prince Renathal is making decks “too expensive”

Lawrence Scotti
prince renethal hearthstone

Hearthstone’s Murder at Castle Nathria expansion has shaken up the meta, but fans are growing concerned that Prince Renathal decks are digging too deep into players’ pockets.

Keeping up with any Hearthstone meta at the beginning of an expansion is quite difficult, and also, quite expensive.

With the best decks changing each and every day, players move quickly to understand what works and what doesn’t to climb the ranked ladder. That means players craft tons of Legendary cards to try and build the best deck possible right off the bat.

However, with the introduction of 40-card decks with the new Legendary Prince Renathal, players feel like Hearthstone is becoming more expensive than ever.

official Hearthstone Murderat Castle Nnathria cover art
Murder at Castle Nathria brings Hearthstone players to the Shadowlands.

Prince Renathal makes Hearthstone decks “too expensive”

A post by Stttarkson on the Hearthstone subreddit went viral after they pointed out how much more costly the game is with Renathal being introduced.

Prince Renathal is a 3-cost Legendary minion that allows players to start each game with 40 Health, as well as 40 cards in their deck. The Hearthstone developers previously revealed how difficult balancing the card was during the design process, and now that it’s in the hands of players, some are worried the bigger decks make the game too expensive to keep up with.

Sttarkson said, “Hearthstone has always been stingy with resources (Disenchanting should give half the dust back, not like 1/4th or less), but now, many decks are running 40 cards and like 10 legendaries. I’m watching competitive Hearthstone, and they’re showing the decklists & crafting cost, and it’s 22k dust for Control Shaman, 15k for Skeleton Mage, 18k for Beast Hunter, 22k for Ramp Druid. The list goes on.”

In the comments, many users pointed to Renathal being the common denominator of expensive decks.

One user said, “Renathal has definitely had an impact on this. I don’t see the developers doing anything about it, but it’s a concern.”

Although Sttarkson claimed all the “engaging and interesting decks are getting obscenely expensive,” some in the comments pushed back on that claim. A Hearthstone player noted: “Doesn’t it depend on what you define as interesting? I find XL shaman very interesting and my top deck of the expansion.”

Despite that, there is still a growing concern in the community that if Prince Renathal continues to be popular that the card game will become too expensive to keep up with.

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