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Halo Infinite trickshot clip shows “coolest kill ever” with surprising weapon

Published: 2/Dec/2021 10:44

by Nathan Warby


Getting a kill in Halo Infinite multiplayer is satisfying enough, but some players want to add a little more flair to their game. That was certainly the case for this Spartan, who managed to secure one of the “coolest kills ever” in a recent game.

Every game has its own brand of trickshot. Whether it’s 360 no-scopes in Call of Duty or sniping while falling in Fortnite, there’s always some way of humiliating your opponent.

The Halo series is no exception and players have pulled out some impressive feats of skill over the years. But every now and again, a savvy Spartan does something that we’ve never seen before.


That was the case with this Halo Infinite player. Their smart thinking led to what some in the community are calling the “coolest” kill in Infinite so far.

halo infinite fragmentation map
343 Industries
The magical shot was hit on Fragmentation

Reddit user ManiacalZManiac uploaded a clip showing off the insane trickshot. They were playing on Fragmentation, one of Halo Infinite’s more expansive maps.

They discovered that the Man Cannons, usually used for launching players and vehicles across large distances, also affect the projectiles fired from a Skewer. You can probably see where this is going.

In a moment of pure genius, the player fired their Skewer into the Man Cannon aimed at one of Fragmentations huge bases. The projectile was looped into the air, only for it to land on an unsuspecting enemy.


Not only did they secure an instant kill, but one of the most jaw-dropping shots we’ve seen in the latest Halo.

TIL the Skewer is affected by mancannons from halo

The clip got a warm reception from the community, many of who were quick to congratulate the player.

“Ok, it was cool enough for me seeing the spike affected by the airlift but you murdering him with it is just incredible lol,” said one Reddit user. “This might be the coolest kill ever,” replied another.

Other players responded claiming they had been trying to pull off a similar type of shot, but have been unable to nail the timing. This only makes the fact that ManiacalZManiac pulled it off more impressive.


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