Halo Infinite players roast “lazy” Cyber Showdown armor defects: “I can’t unsee it” - Dexerto

Halo Infinite players roast “lazy” Cyber Showdown armor defects: “I can’t unsee it”

Published: 19/Jan/2022 1:36

by Alan Bernal


Halo Infinite players are slamming cosmetics in the Cyber Showdown event for misaligned armor effects that people just can’t unsee.

The new Halo Cyber Showdown event landed on January 18 with new armor accessories, visors, emblems, and armor pieces to give Spartans more customization options.

Shortly after, people noticed that the highlights in the collection had bizarre visual issues in the official release.

“Both the new Cyber helmet effects are misaligned. Good stuff.” one person said. The issue is that the new armor effects, called Neon Screen and Neon Hawk, aren’t perfectly aligned to the Spartans.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown skin bugs

halo infinite cyber showdown skins
343 Industries
Halo Infinite players can unsee the visual lapses in the Cyber Showdown skins.

Unfortunately for players who hadn’t noticed, seeing the mohawk and visor defects made the relatively minor problem into a nuisance that some users connected to larger issues in the game.


“A mistake here or there didn’t bother me,” another user said. “What bothers me is that this is an ongoing trend.

“If you are going to market your customization as a luxurious feature worth investing both money and time in then your product better be damn near flawless.”

Both items in question are a part of the new Cyber Showdown rewards that players can unlock for free by completing different event challenges. Players have a few days to unlock the skins and some are regretting the visual bugs.

“So they’re what, 0/5 on good armor effects?” another fan said. “Honestly I guess these look fine because it’s barely noticeable but the quality control just makes it seem so lazy.”


halo infinite cyber showdown

“I never would have noticed if no one pointed it out. Now I can’t unsee it and it’s infuriating,” a user said.

Cyber Showdown is the third event in Infinite after the Fracture Tenrai and the Winter Contingency releases shortly after Halo’s launch.

With 343 Industries retooling how they look at everything from store prices to game modes, it’ll be interesting to see if they fix these cosmetics based on player feedback.