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Halo Infinite devs respond as Store price update is still missing key items

Published: 18/Jan/2022 20:45

by Alan Bernal


Halo Infinite’s highly-requested price changes have hit the online store but concerns on bundled items prompted a response from 343 as more changes are expected to come.

Prices in Halo Infinite have been a major strain on the game’s community. Despite Infinite’s positive reception, the game’s community quickly raised calls for the developers to reconsider its price model for purchasing in-game cosmetics.

After weeks of waiting, the January 18 store update showed players what they could expect in terms of new price points. Even though there were discrepancies with some prices, players agreed Infinite’s store is trending in the right direction.


To reshape Halo Infinite’s store, 343 Industries said it would revamp everything from its bundles to offering individual items for players to pick and choose what they want.

halo infinite customization
343 Industries
Halo Infinite players were in love with the game’s promised customization, but not so much the prices attached to it.

343 address Halo Infinite’s new store

People noticed that there was still a lack of individual items to buy in Halo, with most major changes appearing for bundled items. That’s when 343 member known as ‘ske7ch343’ clarified the steps the company is taking.

“Store/economy changes are going to happen gradually over time,” they said. “The main weekly offer price reduction goes into effect this week, expect to see more changes and some specific content experiments in the weeks to come.


“Per Jerry’s tweet, they will be listening and learning in season 1 and I anticipate broader changes coming further down the line w/ S2, etc.”

Although Halo’s store has already seen bundle markdowns that slashed prices from 2,000 credits to 1,000, players aren’t enticed by the new model.

halo infinite store price
343 Industries
Changes to the Halo Infinite store dropped bundle prices by 50% to some offers.

“Lower pricing is generally better, but I still feel like items are being purposefully bundled together for the high price tag,” one player said. “I would buy a few items at $1-2 each, but not a $12 bundle of two items I want and five items I could care less about.“

Halo Infinite’s store update may have missed the mark for some players, but 343 are expected to further retool its market to find a balance between value and player feedback.