Halo Infinite devs respond as terrible desync bug ruins games

halo infinite spartan343 Industries

343 Industries responded to the desync errors in Halo Infinite which have derailed players’ games with buggy gameplay.

Back from holiday break, 343 are going into the trenches to tackle some of Infinite’s biggest problems that have seeped into Big Team Battle, cheaters who have been marring ranked games, and more.

Head of Design at 343, Jerry Hook, even addressed a major point of concern for players since Infinite initially launched: desyncs.

We are jumping back in and it looks like the great engineers have over the break been working on the issues with BTB and PC cheating,” Hook said. “Yes, desync is being looked at.”

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Halo Infinite desync issue

Online matches in Infinite can sometimes get hindered by connection issues that can make it seem like a person transports to a different scenario in the blink of an eye.

These issues arise when there’s a desync between people’s connections in a lobby. Once the serve catches up and places players in their appropriate spots, mayhem ensues with people reacting to the game state they’ve fallen into.

Halo players have experienced this across game modes from Big Team Battle to the smaller sized arenas like Team Slayer.

Hook’s update on the issue could be seen as encouraging since the devs are going to have their hands full addressing different issues in the game.

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About a month ago, 343 was made aware of the issue and said the team would do a “deeper dive” into Halo Infinite’s desync.

In the weeks to come, Halo Infinite could be getting massive improvements to its matchmaking servers that should help out with gameplay.

While there are pressing issues the community wants fixing and solving Halo Infinite’s desync is at the top of the list for many.