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Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event: Schedule, event pass, rewards, more

Published: 19/Jan/2022 0:15 Updated: 19/Jan/2022 0:17

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Halo Infinite’s next limited-time event, Cyber Showdown, is now live and we’ve got a full look at everything you need to know from exclusive Challenges and rewards to an end date.

Halo Infinite kicked off with Season 1: Heroes of Reach, which included the game’s first battle pass. This was followed by the Fracture Tenrai event, which gave players the chance to unlock even more exclusive bits and pieces.

Now, 343 Industries has deployed the next one, Cyber Showdown. It has a totally different vibe from previous events. As the name suggests, it revolves around a retro cyberpunk neon-colored aesthetic.


Below is a full breakdown of everything there is to know about the Cyber Showdown event in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown dates

The Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event kicked off on Tuesday, January 18 and runs through until Tuesday, February 1.

That gives players exactly two weeks to jump in, grind through the new Challengers, and unlock every exclusive reward.

Halo Infinite store
Epic Games
A range of unique Cyber Showdown items are available in Halo Infinite’s store.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown trailer

343 Industries released the official Cyber Showdown trailer on January 18 as the event went live.

Clocking in just over a minute, this footage revealed a wide range of new helmet designs, visors, vehicle skins, and plenty more.

It also confirmed that a brand new game mode is now available. More on that below.


Halo Infinite Attrition game mode explained

A new playlist is now accessible for the duration of the Cyber Showdown event. Attrition marks the latest game mode in Halo Infinite and puts a unique spin on the classic Slayer experience.

Teams have eight shared lives in Attrition. If you run out of these respawns and your team gets wiped one last time, you lose that round.

Halo Infinite Attrition gameplay
343 Industries
No, that Spartan isn’t teabagging, he’s reviving a fallen ally.

There is a new way to salvage your efforts, however, as downed teammates can be revived in Attrition.

Attrition is playable across the following maps: Aquarius, Bazaar, Behemoth, Live Fire, Recharge, and Streets.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event pass and rewards

No different from earlier events, Cyber Showdown comes with its own set of exclusive items.


While some are only available to purchase in the store, 10 can be unlocked for free in the Cyber Showdown event pass.

Everything from new Armor Effects to Weapon Coatings are up for grabs during this limited-time event.

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event pass

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown store
343 Industries
10 Tiers of exclusive rewards are now available in the Cyber Showdown event.
  • Tier 1: Expecting Trouble – Rare Stance
  • Tier 2: Electric Bubblegum – Epic Weapon Coating (MA40 Assault Rifle)
  • Tier 3: Cross Glitch – Rare Backdrop
  • Tier 4: Brute Rock – Legendary Backdrop
  • Tier 5: Neon Screen – Epic Armor Effect
  • Tier 6: Electric Bubblegum – Epic Armor Coating (Mark VII)
  • Tier 7: Kukri – Epic Charm
  • Tier 8: Blackpool – Epic Visor (Mark VII)
  • Tier 9: Hunter Blood – Rare AI Color
  • Tier 10: Neon Hawk – Epic Armor Effect

Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown Challenges

To advance through the Cyber Showdown event pass, you’ll need to complete a range of unique challenges tied to the event.

Almost all of them will rack up progress in the background as you play the new Attrition mode. However, a small handful may require some dedicated effort.

Below is a quick look at some of the weekly challenges already available for the Cyber Showdown event.


  • Complete Attrition matches
  • Kill enemy Spartans in Attrition
  • Revive downed teammates in Attrition
  • Kill enemy Spartans from behind with a melee attack in Attrition
  • Kill enemy Spartans with the Assault Rifle in Attrition
  • Kill enemy Spartans with the Sidekick Pistol in Attrition
Halo Infinite gameplay
343 Industries
Expect to see plenty of these armor effects in-game over the next few weeks.

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown event is now in focus but there could still be a few surprises along the way.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted right here with any new updates.