Halo Infinite players want basic ranked feature straight from Overwatch

master chief and hanzo on halo background with Halo Infinite logo343i/Activision Blizzard

Halo Infinite players are requesting a basic feature that Overwatch has in ranked play that could completely change the game and make grinding for ranks even more enjoyable.

Halo Infinite launched in the latter months of 2021 and was an instant hit with both long-time Halo players and those who hadn’t suited up as Master Chief for some years alike.

Most impressive for new and returning players, though, was the inclusion of a ranked mode at launch, especially for the mass number of migrants switching over from games like Call of Duty.

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While a functional ranked mode has been celebrated, players have started to grow frustrated with the various issues they face, including the ELO system on which Halo Infinite operates and bugs in the Oddball mode.

Halo Infinite player with Energy Sword343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s ranked playlist releasing on launch was greatly appreciated by fans.

Now, players are looking to other games for inspiration and find ways to counter some of the most annoying issues in ranked. For many, one of the key issues in Halo Infinite ranked is leaving penalties — or, more notably, having to play matches with a man disadvantage.

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That’s why Halo player Mr-Who suggested that something needs to change when players back out of ranked matches early — and Overwatch served as their inspiration.

“We need a feature like Overwatch where if a game isn’t 4v4 as expected at the start of the game, it cancels,” they said. “It fixes crashes, leavers, etc., and stops wasting everyone’s time and SR. If anyone leaves for any reason in the first 30 seconds, cancel.”

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The idea was met with much support from the community, in full agreement that a feature like this should be the standard in a competitive game.

Others also suggested that some sort of reconnect feature would be ideal, allowing players to get back into the game if need be or allow new players to load in to take the vacated spot.

Regardless, there’s a clear appetite for improvements in Halo Infinite’s ranked mode, but only time will tell how developers 343 Industries seek to improve their game.

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